FETCO expects Thai politics to stabilize after election, continues to support ‘Thai stocks’

for investment directionThai stock marketIn 2023, even in the first half of the year still changeable Both of good news and bad news mixed, called “3 good days, 4 days of fever”, but is considered a better direction than’ last year which can be called “I need to find shelter – save money

So, this year’s investment is the year. “Return on Investment” and “Marketshare“There is no need to wait until the crisis is over before it gets better. If it is a good asset – tends to grow in the future It is also an opportunity to generate good returns in the next 1-2 years.

Mr. Kobsak Pootrakool, Chairman of the Federation of Capital Market Institutions of Thailand (Mr.FETCO) reveals that after the middle of this year The negative factor creates volatility in the investment market, starting to stagnate. The global economic slowdown and the risk of economic recession Including the Fed’s interest rate adjustment. The market has received all the news. case in the second half of this year The investment market will adapt better.

This year, the Thai capital market is considered to have a distinctive feature that makes it different from other markets, which is that the Thai economy this year is still growing in the middle of the global economic recession. From the recovery of Thai tourism, it has received merit. After China opened the country earlier than expected. which is a supporting factor for the Thai stock market helping to attract foreign capital flows (cash flow) flows continuously. and can be positive all year round

Of the current money has flowed in more than 1.1 billion baht and supporting the Thai stock index is now close to what is expected by the Association of Investment Analysts (IAA) at the end of the first quarter of 2023. The Thai stock index should rise to 1,694 points and at the end of this year it is expected to continue to rise to 1,740 points, which is considered good mainly from the increase in the performance of listed companies (listed companies).

At the same time, the political situation in Thailand Have to wait for the results of this mid-year election to come out? must continue to follow In the past, the stock market did not choose a side. but as the clarity of the election, so if the electionThai politicsStill stable and able to go on Thai stock marketYou can still walk safely.

Mr Kobsak suggested that investors should follow various factors. which will have a close impact on the market If after the first half of the year of volatility This is a good investment opportunity this year. Investors should not miss the opportunity to return to investing this year. Because in the next 1-2 years, investing in all assets this year will definitely generate better returns than deposits.

“Good and promising assets can be invested gradually. Both foreign stocks, the price goes down deeply and may grow in the future. Including Thai stocks that have benefited from the recovery of the Thai economy, such as tourism, retail, banking, but they should not be bought and sold because the market is still volatile. Including saving some cash to invest when the market goes down

Regarding the Investor Confidence Index (FETCO Investor Confidence Index), a survey in December 2022 found that the investor confidence index in the next 3 months (March 2022) at the level of 121.75 has decreased. 2.1% from the previous month, but still in the “hot range”.

Investors see the recovery in tourism as the most important factor boosting confidence. Followed by the performance of listed companies. and economic recovery in the country Factors that drive investor confidence the most are international conflict, stock sales tax announcements and inflation The most interesting business sector is trade The most uninteresting sector is steel and metal products.

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