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“FFBE Phantom Wars” x “FFXV” linkage event debut, log in to get Prompt “War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” for free

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gumi Inc. announced today that the international version of the strategy RPG mobile game “WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS” jointly launched by the publisher SQUARE ENIX and its partner developer gumi Inc. (hereinafter translated as “FFBE Phantom War” International Edition ), the number of global downloads officially exceeded 21 million, and the linkage activity with “FINAL FANTASY XV” (hereinafter referred to as “FFXV”) was officially launched today. Representative figures such as “Noctis” have already joined Adora. Log in to the game during the event, and you can get the brand-new interlocking UR soldier “Prompter” for free, as well as up to 2,500 phantom stones and other luxurious rewards.

  • “FFXV” Linkage Commemorative Login Reward

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Welcome to the representative characters from “FFXV”!

From now until the end of the event time on 12/29, the legendary heroes of “FFXV” with a rarity of UR, including “Noctis” and “Prompter” (the game is now live), and “Alania” (Expected to appear in the game starting on the 12/1 event time), you have embarked on an adventurous journey, immediately invite these limited-time soldiers to join your team through the new selection of summons!

“Noctis” is a powerful earth UR soldier. The main occupation is Prince Lucius. He has a unique charge assault ability. It can use various types of attacks and the ability to impose specific negative effects on the target. Maintain an advantage in battle. “Prompter” is a powerful dark-attribute UR soldier. The main job is the Royal Guard Musketeer. It can apply anomalous effects to distant targets. At the same time, under certain conditions, it can also target affected targets. , Causing more damage.

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    “FFXV” campaign member “Noctis”

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    “FFXV” activist “Prompter”

In addition, starting from the 12/1 event time, fans can invite “Alania” to join your team through a new Featured Summon. “Alania” is an ice UR soldier. The main job is the brigadier general of the air mobile division.

  • “FFXV” activist “Alania”

From now until the end of the 12/29 event time, you will have a chance to obtain the UR rarity phantom card “Savior’s Oath” through the limited selection of summons. The phantom card “Savior’s Oath” can increase the attack and dexterity of the earth-based soldiers. After the level is MAX, it can increase the magic attack resistance. In addition, it can also increase the slash resistance penetration rate of “Noctis”.

  • image

    “FFXV” Phantom Soldier Card “Savior’s Oath”

“FFBE Phantom War” International Community Activities

The “FFBE Phantom War” international community event is currently being held. For more event details and rewards, please refer to the official channel.


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