“FFXV” Tian Hatta’s JP Games helps Japan ANA create virtual travel | 4Gamers

Tahata, the production director of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV), who resigned from SQEX, announced today (22) a virtual travel project jointly created by his JP Games studio and ANA.

Affected by the epidemic, the global aviation industry has almost shut down. In August 2020, ANA established a subsidiary “ANA NEO” with the goal of putting it into operation in two to three years. Through three-dimensional computer graphics, it can create virtual travel that can go beyond reality, including sitting in an airplane In order to create a new style of life that can continue even after the epidemic is over.

This cooperation will draw on the role-playing game development experience of Hatta Shigada, who will serve as the project producer.

Tabata led the launch of “FFXV” in 2016. In March 2018, he was responsible for the follow-up DLC and new 3A masterpiece project of “FFXV” as Luminous Productions, a subsidiary of SQEX.

However, in November 2018, SQEX immediately pointed out that Luminous Productions had an intangible loss of more than 3.7 billion yen. Tabata was replaced before the battle, which affected the “FF15” DLC plan and was cut. At the end of the same year, Tabata immediately raised funds to open a new studio JP Games.



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