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2023 F1 round 8, Spanish GP qualifying was held at 3rd local time.

Local Catalunya has been raining on and off since F2 Race 1, and by the time the 18-minute qualifying Q1 begins, raindrops are falling again. All drivers went early to set a time before the track got wet.

Valtteri Bottas turned into sector 3 after a 7 car set time. The track was wet from turn 11 to 12, and many drivers ran off the track in this section, so the session was red flagged with 14 minutes remaining.

Although it was announced that the race would resume at 16:12 local time, it still rained a little. All cars went early to set a time, focusing on the drivers who had not yet set a time.

Partly because sector 3 was slippery, some drivers were not able to manage their time well. Even with four minutes remaining, Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc were in Q1 elimination range.

Even in the last attack, each driver’s time was not stable. Last year’s pole setter, Leclerc, had his time canceled due to a track limit violation, and was unexpectedly eliminated from Q1. Yuki Tsunoda was 14th and Perez 15th, barely advancing to C2.

The five eliminations in Q1 were Valtteri Bottas, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Leclerc and Logan Sargent.

Going into Q2, Perez again struggled to make up time, even going into the gravel in the final two minutes of his attack. However, the time did not improve even in the last attack, which was reorganized, and was eliminated in Q2. Tsunoda set two warm-up laps and went into the attack, but on the last lap his time was canceled due to breaking the track limit, and unfortunately he was eliminated from Q2.

Five cars, Perez, Russell, Chou Guanyu, Nick de Vries and Tsunoda failed to progress to Q3. This is the second time Tsunoda has been placed under De Vries on the grid this season, following the Miami GP.

In Q3, which decides the grid for the top 10, Max Verstappen marked an early 1:12.272, and with two minutes remaining, he was 0.9 seconds ahead of his rivals. Verstappen was slowing at the best overall pace until sector 2 in the last attack, but when he realized there was no time change from other machines, he stopped the attack and entered the pit as he was. This was his fourth place of the season. This was the first PP of his career with the family doctor in Spain.

Local Carlos Sainz qualified second with a difference of 0.462 seconds. Lando Norris was 3rd, and Pierre Guthrie was 4th.

Lewis Hamilton was 5th, Lance Stroll 6th, Esteban Ocon 7th, Nico Hulkenberg 8th, and local Fernando Alonso 9th. In the early stages of qualifying, he jumped into the gravel and damaged the floor, leading to sluggish times. 10th was Oscar Piastri.

Spanish GP Round 8・ Qualifying Results

1/Maximum Verstappen/Red Bull
2/Carlos Sainz/Ferrari
3/Tir Norris/McLaren
4/Pierre Guthrie/Alpine
5/Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes
6/Lance Tour/Aston Martin
7 / Esteban Ocon / Alpine
8 / Nico Hulkenberg / Haas
9/Fernando Alonso/Aston Martin
10 / Oscar Piastri / McLaren
11/Sergio Perez/Red Bulls
12 / George Russell / Mercedes
13/Chou Guanyu/Alfa Romeo
14 / Nick de Vries / AlphaTauri
15/Yuki Tsunoda/AlphaTauri
16/Valteri Bottas/Alfa Romeo
17 / Kevin Magnussen / Haas
18/Alexander Albon/Williams
19 / Charles Leclerc / Ferrari
20 / Logan Sargent / Williams

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