Fierce, not considerate of anyone, “Ford Rayong” gives away 6.35 bonus, extra money of 2.5 thousand, salary increase of 4%

Hell, “Ford Rayong” gives away bonuses in an aggressive way, not considerate of anyone, 6.35 extra money, 2.5 thousand, 4% salary increase.

December 3, 2022. Reporters reported that a Tik Tok user posted a clip saying good news, especially Ford Motor Rayong employees who received bonuses for the year 2022. The end of the year with a message stating that “2022 annual bonuses #6.35+25,000 #shift fee 210 #housing fee 2,850 #money increase 4%+100”

In summary, Ford Rayong factory workers receive a bonus for the year 2022, which includes 6.35 months. In addition, they receive an additional 25,000 baht, a shift attendance fee of 210 baht, a housing fee of 2,850 baht and a salary increase of 4% + 100 baht.

This event made netizens flock to join in the joy. While some messages even say that they want to go to work together.

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