FIFA 23: ‘Sick! Jack Grealish complains about his character model in the game

Friday, October 7, 2022, 22 hours 14 minutes 08 seconds, Indochina time

It has already been released for the famous football game series. FIFA 23 what a game FIFA The latest installment was released on September 29. But some early game buyers were able to play. FIFA 23 1 month in advance due to road error EA Sports

Many professional football players and their fans are looking forward to the release of the game. FIFA 23 anxious to explore Characteristics just added such as Power Shot besides Characteristics New to the game Many professional footballers are also concerned about their statistics in the game, potential in the manner Careerfeatures, looks, running style and much more

latest Jack Grealish has complained that he is disappointed with the appearance of his character model in FIFA 23 informed of his disappointment in Instagram personal

Bleacher Report shared a tweet reporting a disappointed response Jack Grealish football player of Manchester City According to a report from Bleacher Report past A superstar oh Aston Villa post that “Oh, come on guys… this looks like a geeza from Toy Story!”

by the way Jack Grealish not to mention the name of the character It seems that he is comparing the faces of the character models. FIFA its with Sid Phillips Characters from famous cartoons A toy story which Sid Phillips He is one of the main characters. A toy story and also appeared in Toy Story 3 also short

In addition, in July Jack Grealish post in Instagram and he thanked the road EA did her hairstyle right But now things have changed in just a few months (ha), though. Jack Grealish it won’t be the player with the highest stats FIFA 23 But he wasn’t complaining about the value. OVR 84 which he got because his statistics are still the same compared to the previous sectors like FIFA 22

For those who don’t know Jack Grealish is a 27-year-old English professional footballer who plays for Manchester City which is a football club Premier League which Jack Grealish was launched in Premier League with Aston Villa in May 2014 after Jack Grealish moved from Aston Villa i Manchester City in 2021 as the most expensive transfer for an English footballer. Jack Grealish still is ambassador oh FIFA 23 also

FIFA 23 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One a Xbox Series X|S


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