fifa arab cup 2021 in qatar: Fan ID is no longer required to watch FIFA Arab Cup: Qatar

Doha: The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the local organizers of the FIFA Arab Cup, have announced that a Haiya card or fan ID will no longer be required to enter the stadium to watch the remaining matches. Newcomers will not have to apply for a Haya card, officials said.

Now the ticket and the golden frame will be enough

All you have to do is enter the ticket for the next match and show the gold frame proof that the Ihtiras app has been fully vaccinated. At the same time, Sami al-Shammari, executive director of the Supreme Committee’s technology division, said children under the age of 12 must present a Kovid negative certificate.

Fan ID project; The first phase is complete

Sami al-Shammari said that they were made mandatory in the first 16 matches of the FIFA Arab Cup as part of a fan ID experiment aimed at the 2022 World Cup. The first phase of the experiment was successfully completed. The information collected through this will be used for the preparations for the World Cup. He also thanked all the sports fans who collaborated with the project.

Can be used for free travel

However, officials said that although the issuance of the new Haiya card has been stopped, those who have already taken the card can still use the public transport service for free. However, sports fans from abroad have to apply for an entry permit through the Haiya Card platform.

The decision is to avoid the hardship of the people

Meanwhile, Doha News reported that the authorities have decided to stop giving out fan IDs for the rest of the matches to avoid inconvenience to those who come to watch the match. As the number of spectators exceeded expectations, the number of card printing centers increased. As the spectators had to wait for a long time for the card, the authorities decided not to accept the card for the rest of the matches.



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