FIFA Online 4 major mid-year update Adds ICON ™ class players and new gameplay customization 9TH Next Field

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It is time that everyone has been waiting for a big patch update in the middle of the year of the game “FIFA Online 4” which has carried many updates for players to follow. But what will the update be? We have a clip summarizing important highlights. Let’s watch it together!!!

Big update in the middle of the year.Welcome ICON TM l FIFA Online 4

first update It’s something the game developer announced earlier this year. Regarding the ICON class that will get a FP and OVR boost, since many classes in the last 1-2 years have had higher OVR ceilings similar to ICON classes, game developers have seen the importance of this. As a result , the OVR and FP statistics have been adjusted based on the requests of FIFA Online 4 players in each region.

second update It’s something players have been waiting for for a long time. From the announcement of the game developer at the beginning of the year, “ICON THE MOMENT” allows FIFA Online 4 players to upgrade your army to be even more powerful by bringing an upgrade ICON +5 in exchange for an ICON ™ +1 , but players cannot trade and improve in the ICON ™ class. If players want to be able to trade and improve, they must use ICON ™ TOKEN not all players will use ™ TOKEN. Likewise, depending on the value of that player as a reference

From the picture above, it can be seen that When a player gets the ICON™ class to sell or upgrade, a TOKEN™ is required.

third update A new class, HOMEGROWN, a class created by players from each club’s children. Excellent form show Until being the main character of the team

Fourth update Added 16 more SKILL MOVE moves for players to have even more fun.


Ball roll break / Ball roll fake turn / Directional Nutmeg / Sombero back drag / Drag to drag / Heel drag / Feint forward and turn / First turn / Four touch skill / Heel cutter turn / heel fake / Heel roll to ball / Normal pass and move / Scoping false turn / Skilled bridge / Stutter Fien


  1. GK set pieces will be able to receive the ball more easily in the penalty area.
  2. Control the direction the player will run (Keyboard Q + Hold Shift + Direction Arrows / Joystick LB + Analog R)
  3. New Pass and Run Overlapping Move Complete the game • (Keyboard Q+S+S / Joystick LB + A+A) Run from the side to play in the middle of the field, pass the ball one two)
  4. New Skill Moves like Heel to Ball, Heel Fake, Stutter Feint, others making a total of 15 moves
  5. Fixed player problems such as losing the ball Or the defender cannot extract
  6. Improve small GK abilities like rush speed, save return, reflexes.
  7. Dribbling without touching the ball (using the body) (Keyboard Q / Joystick LB)
  8. Develop a tackle to scramble faster and easier in capture and does not lose the ball to the attacking side
  9. Optimize the accuracy of high-chip long passes (only on the side of the field and inside the penalty area).
  10. Add a new recommendation system without pressing to pause the game (can be set to turn on/off)
  11. Add Game Record data to be able to analyze play style.
  12. Add more Replays when competing
  13. Added a camera angle on the Free Roam page.
  14. New tactics such as a target man attacker, helping to attack when there is an opportunity, support by running, pulling the man, etc.
  15. Power Shot Brings special effects (Keyboard F + D according to the rhythm of the finish meter / Joystick RB + LB (at the same time + B according to the rhythm of the finish meter)

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