“FIFA Premanan – Paul Debod”, hot young man, 7HD, can’t sit still, cheers for ONE Lumpini fight in RINGSIDE style.

“FIFA Premanan-Paul Debod” 7HD hot man sitting still, cheers for the fight ONE Lumpini in RINGSIDE style, along with inspiration. Focusing on serious boxing training, hopefully getting into the ring

2 young men from Channel 7HD, their “FIFA Premanan-Paul de Bod” boxing buddies, are excited to visit and cheer each other on to the sidelines of the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. The world’s biggest boxing programme, Channel 7HD’s ONE Lumpini, in collaboration with Tero Entertainment, joins hands with ONE Championship (ONE) to produce premium sports programming. together to create Thai boxing circles with the international fighting style that gathers a variety of martial arts, including Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), kickboxing, etc., broadcast live every Friday at 8:30 pm on Channel 7HD, press 35.

Fifa Premanan Sripanich, a young actor who is strong from the drama “Mafia Lamsing” and Paul Debod, a young actor of Thai-Belgian descent from the drama with strong ratings “True love is delicious” reveals his feelings after having the opportunity to sit and cheer on ONE Lumpini on the edge of the stage. This is the moment that clears the work perfectly. Causing time to do activities with friends to sit and cheer on the edge of the stage, the atmosphere is fun, exciting, exciting, real punch, real pain, fierce, different from watching various boxing or even ONE Championship that has been watched online and a lot. I made the two “FIFA-Paul” say that they were getting ready to join a group with their friends to study and practice more boxing.

FIFA Premanan revealed, “From what I like to be the original capital. The more we love boxing even more. More proud of Muay Thai And it’s still a sport that foreigners are interested in too. If possible, I would like to try to fight once. he would be as proud as the boxers in the ring Sit and have fun watching the elders punch out on the stage. Looks really cool admit it after watching the show

One Lumpini has more frequent boxing training matches. It is already a popular activity for the gang. For Boxing Day Lumpinee, I would like to confirm.
Yes, it’s fun and it all goes together. As well as fighting in the ring, I also saw the art of Muay Thai. and the Thai way of fighting I would like to invite everyone to join and cheer together live at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.”

As for buddy Buddy, Paul DeBod added that he was not allergic to his best friend. “Personally, I already like boxing. The more I got to see the real thing, the more I liked it even more. Even this time, Sinsamut Klinmee, my favorite fighter, was not fighting. But sit and cheer and watch other pairs punch it big. It can be said that it is a sport that provides entertainment and martial arts. In other words, it’s like we’ve learned how to punch, kick, punch, and use various weapons as well. In Paul’s opinion, Muay Thai is attractive. I like and am proud because boxing is a martial art. which is a unique identity of Thailand that people around the world recognize It is broadcast live to be watched in more than 170 countries around the world. Paul would like to invite all the fans, if there is a chance, and would like to come and watch live every Friday at 8:30 pm on Channel 7HD, press 35, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

that sports fans can reserve tickets in advance through www.thaicketmajor.com Or follow and watch live broadcasts in Full HD on Channel 7HD, press 35, live online on BUGABOO.TV from 8:30 PM. LIVE-Streaming From 7:30 pm on Facebook: Ch7HD / Ch7HD News / Ch7HD Sports and YouTube: Ch7HD and follow more details about the ONE Lumpini program via https://www.ch7.com/one-championship , Facebook: Championship Ch7HD / ONE Thailand and TERO Digital

Thanks for the photo from IG:fifa_premanan

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