FIFA World Cup 2022: France sends England home; He will face Morocco in the semi-final – Kane misses a penalty as France beat England; Semi set up against Morocco

Despite having the upper hand in the battle of equal powers, England suffered a setback because they could not use the opportunities they had

FIFA World Cup 2022: England failed to live up to its ‘It’s Coming Home’ slogan this time too. Gareth Southgate and his team came out of the World Cup after losing 2-1 to defending champions France. Superstar Harry Kane became a tragic hero after wasting a penalty. Aurelien Chameni and Olivier Giroud scored for France. Kane was also on track for England.

England had the upper hand in a battle of equal powers. But in the 17th minute, fate was to go back. Chameni’s strike from 25 yards gave France the lead. Antonio Griezmann paved the way for the goal. This is Griezmann’s second World Cup assist.

For England to catch up early in the second half. French goalscorer Chameni was awarded a penalty by the referee for bringing down England’s Bukayo Saka inside the box. Harry Kane kicked the ball into the net. This is the star’s second goal in the tournament.

France took the lead as France’s all-time leading scorer, Olivier Giroud, found the target in the decisive game. Griezmann headed the ball into the net. This is Giroud’s fourth goal in the World Cup. The star is second in the game with Messi.

Another penalty was awarded to England to score the second goal. A penalty for Theo Herlandes to bring down Mason Mount. Harry Kane’s boots are missing this time. The skipper himself put a curtain on England’s chances by striking the ball out.