FIFA World Cup 2022: Hands full of crores; Know the prize money that awaits the World Cup winners – Prize money for the winning team, second place and others

Players like Kylian Mbappe will also receive a huge bonus if they win the final. It is given by the French Football Federation

FIFA World Cup 2022: Only hours are left to know who will advance in the finals of the FIFA Football World Cup. The football world is looking forward to see if defending champions France can retain their title. In Qatar, Lionel Messi and his team are preparing to change the sadness of not winning the World Cup since 1986.

A shower of crores of prizes awaits whoever wins the crown. The winners will receive 42 million US dollars. around 347 crores. Second place will receive 30 million US dollars. This will be around Rs 248 crores. FIFA has reserved a huge amount of money for the third and fourth place finishers.

The third place winners will get 27 million US dollars, 223 crore rupees. This time, Croatia came third. Morocco, who lost in the losers’ final and had to settle for fourth place, will receive US$ 25 million, Rs 206 crore.

The prize money is especially for the teams that reached the semi-finals and quarter-finals. This time, all the teams that participated in the World Cup will get nine million (Rs. 74 crore) American dollars. Apart from this, FIFA is also giving 1.5 million US dollars to the teams for their preparation.


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