FIFA World Cup 2022, November 21, England defeat Iran

World Cup 2022, Nov. 21, England beat Iran 6-2, Netherlands, late game, Wales share points

Summary of the results of the 2022 World Cup, Monday, November 21, 2022, is the field in the group stages of Group A and B, with the highlight on the favorite team of the crowd. english roaring lion The field opened beautifully and defeated Iran in a 6-2 victory, with the results of each match as follows: England 6-2 Iran (Bellingham 35, Saka 43, 62 Sterling 45 + 1 Rashford D 71 Grealish 90 / Taremi 65 , 90+13)

The Roaring Lion returned to good form, crushing Iran, who were demolished by England, who had possession of the ball, attacked almost unilaterally and took the lead from Jude Bellingham’s strike in the 35th minute before Bukayo Saka struck the ball. the 43rd minute and at half-time, Raheem Sterling added a third to give the team a comfortable 3-0 half-time lead.

In the second half, Saka scored his second goal and England’s fourth goal in the 62nd minute, but three minutes later Mehdi Taremi scored the equalizer for Iran to go 4-1 away, but after that two substitutes, Marcus Rashford and Jack Grealish added two goals to give the Three Lions 6-1 until extra time, with Iran taking a penalty and it was Taremi. Who killed to end the game, England collapsed, did not pick up the first 3 points in beautiful in the cup of this world

Senegal 0-2 Netherlands from foot Gakpo 84 Klassen 90+9)
In the second match on Monday two giants from two continents will meet. And this seems to be the first game in the tournament where the game is pretty evenly matched. As most of the players play in Europe, both teams make the game quite timely, taking turns attacking, taking turns defensive, Holland getting a bit more possession of the ball, while Senegal is the one that finds the rhythm more clearly, but still not decisive enough until the last 10 minutes. of the offensive game of the orange knight has been continuous throughout the game, but they took the lead first from the moment when Frankie de Young opened from deep to win which was Cody Kakpo, who swooped in front of Eduard Mendy scored, after which the African team tried hard to equalize but failed to do so until stoppage time. The Netherlands won the first match of the group stage 2-0

USA 1-1 Wales Can’t eat, draw is fun. Another pair from Group B after England collected the first 3 points. In this game, America’s first half was clearly better in both game image and game results. Did they take the lead first from the moment Christian Pulisic broke new ground for Timothy Weah to slide in alone before shooting against Wayne Hennessey’s shot and ending the first half with a score of 1-0, but then at the start of the second half, Wales revived the game with a more attacking focus as the United States tried to control the game and wait for an opportunity to counter-attack. 10 minutes later, Wales won a penalty kick when Gareth Bale was brought down. who came up for the kill and didn’t miss, causing the end of the game to be split into 1 point per team with the most fun

Tuesday, November 22, 2022, live broadcast of the group stage of the World Cup 2022 at 5:00 pm Match Match Argentina – Saudi Arabia live channel
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Time 8:00 pm Denmark – Tunisia True4U True Sports 2 Live Channel
Time 23.00 Mexico – Poland Live Channel Channel 3HD True Sports 2 Time 2.00 France – Australia Live Channel MONO29 True Sports 2

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