FIFA World Cup 2022: ‘Trust our fans, you won’t be disappointed’; Promised Messiah

‘Gotti’ was seen on the pitch rushing towards the golden crown after every game in the World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022: The World Cup in Qatar got off to an unexpected start for Argentina. Mesipada entered Qatar with a 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia. ‘Trust us fans, you won’t be disappointed,’ were Messi’s words after admitting the biggest upset in the history of the World Cup.

Finally, doing justice to those words, the soccer Messiah returns with the world crown. ‘Gotti’ was seen on the field rushing towards the golden crown after every game in the World Cup. Messi was on target seven times in Qatar, including two goals in the final. The Argentinian captain managed to register the three assists in his own name.

Argentina won the title in a penalty shootout in the final. After both teams scored three goals each in regular time and extra time, they had to go into the penalty shootout to decide the title. The four kickers for Argentina made no mistakes in the shootout. But two of the French players failed to hit the penalty target.

Argentina had complete dominance in the first half of the game. Messi gave Argentina the lead through a penalty kick in the 23rd minute. Angel Di Maria scored Argentina’s second goal in the 36th minute. In the first half, France could not even make their presence felt on the field. While Argentina and Messi were in power, the French team was just a shadow.

Argentina did not change their style of play in the second half. But in the 80th minute, France had the chance to return the goal through a penalty kick. Mbappe made the score 2-1 with the ball on target. A bullet was shot from Mbappe’s boot as he opened his eyes. Mbappe’s shot was blocked by the speed of Argentina goalkeeper Emi Martinez. France came forward.

Most of the time it was a passionate battle. In the second half, the French defense was shaken by Messicat. Mbappe brought France, who were behind again, with a penalty. Both teams tried to score the winning goal until the last minute, but only the goal fell short.