Fight 2 Yodtong Shows The Song Petchwanchai Yui Kick

Sor.Chor.Tong Prachin Flag Depending on the rhythm of the skill, the football was so strong that Petchwanchai Wor.Sangprapai completely knocked down and lifted the Yodthong, winning a decisive victory after a draw. Muay Khun Eak Suek Petchyindee Today

The main boxing pair led the Suek Petch Yindee program on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at Ratchadamnoen Yodthong Boxing Stadium, Sor Tong Prachin, met Petchwanchai Wor. Sangpraphai in the coordinates of 130 pounds. This boxing pair was always tied. Rattanawong organizes the competition

The price has risen Yodtong first round 2. Petchwanchai walking, kicking, punching, there is a rhythmic stroke, elbow strike, knee stab.

Pick up 3 Petchwanchai, still open the game Wade through, pull shins, punches, elbows alternately. The top of the flag retorty each grain. Get out of football, focus on raising the top of the flag, still going 5-4

In the last 2 rounds, Yodtong gave a strong kick forward, Petchwanchai doing all his movements, trying to walk, but lightly armed until 5 rounds. Yodtong won by a decisive score.

Suek Petchyindee boxing results, other pairs

Game 1) Petchkaka Sitplaiyangam Win by knocking round 2 Petchplaiyangarm Sitplaiyangarm

Bout 2) Pettnam Wiwingym Lost by beating Jatrat Sappreeda round 2

Game 3) Petchwanghin, Lukphraya Kraipakdee, lost on points to North Isaan Chot Bangsaen




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