Fight hard! Chaba Kaew Cameroon-Portugal duel Win tickets for the World Cup final

“Chaba Kaew” Thai women’s national football team was drawn to meet Cameroon, the team ranked 53rd in the world, with the winner going to the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup with Portugal, the 23rd ranked team in the world.

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Make a draw for the competition FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 qualifiers including continents (FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualification Confederation) on October 14, 2022

By the results of the lottery, it turns out that “Chaba Kaew” Thai women’s national football team The 41st team in the world will face Cameroon The team was ranked 53rd in the world from Africa. The winner will go through to meet with Portugal Team 23 in the world from Europe

Elsewhere, Senegal will face Haiti, with the winner going to Chile, while Taiwan will face Paraguay and Papua New Guinea against Panama. there will be a meeting to win tickets to the World Cup

Program for the first round of Category A

February 18, 2023

Thailand vs Cameroon
Waikato Stadium, Hamilton New Zealand

Tournament program for Group A, second round

February 22, 2023

Winner between Thailand and Cameroon against Portugal
Waikato Stadium, Hamilton New Zealand

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