Fight life but life fight back! Young graduates get food delivery jobs Raising money to treat son who is seriously ill but was insulted

The story of “Meng Wei”, a doctoral student. Zhejiang University to meet the monsoons of life when he failed to complete his thesis Moreover, the newly born son became very ill. In this event, Father Jai turned Sue to get Job to ride the food delivery truck. to raise money for his son’s treatment and training but was criticized for being inferior

Back in 2014, Meng Wei’s path to obtaining a doctoral degree began. with determination But after many years, his thesis was still unsuccessful. In addition, stress and pressure can also cause him to suffer from depression. But he did not give up his will and continued to try.

Until 2021, Meng received bad news. When the doctor discovered that his son was suffering from fulminant myocarditis, which was serious enough to cause death. with paternity So Meng did everything possible to save his child. which in exchange for the burden of increasing costs So he decided to go and get Job to deliver food.

Meng Wei's son suffering from acute myocardial infarction (Photo from: Weibo)
In addition, Meng Wei also recorded a clip. Discover his life story on the popular application as Dou Yin. (Chinese version of Tik Tok) attracted a lot of attention to netizens. Until the number of viewers reached 7 million views, but the negative comments were so much that he had to record a clip to explain.

“I have no money… working as a food delivery driver is a good job. because not only will it be a stable source of income But this work also helps me relax from studying.” said Meng Wei. and he added that being a food delivery driver did not make him feel inferior. Including an apology for bringing the university into disrepute

Meng Wei recorded an apology clip.  (Photo from Chinese media :
After Meng Wei story spread widely. Most of the people said in one voice. Those who work hard should not be ashamed. with comments For example, “Is there no humility? promotion in any job Making a living through hard work is commendable” and “He is a PhD student and a responsible father.”

However, some netizens are still skeptical. If he really thought this job was not a humble occupation, Why did he still have to go to university…study for a PhD? including being amazed that he stole his own story to be published. He can also put pressure on the university to give him a degree.

Source: ‘I don’t feel inferior’: PhD student in China works part-time as delivery driver for son’s medical bills while getting degree (SCMP)

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