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Fight to show off rich! Phat Anon Kwang Ek Phromporn cleared the clear close, fake (with a clip)

by news dir

Cleared clearly for the first time between “Pach Anon” and “Eak Phromphon” explaining the reason for the collapse of the famous show? They have been together for 10 years, plus there are rumors that there is a very heavy tour. until the adults ordered to release the lightning charge of dissatisfaction In the end, either resign or get fired. They weren’t destined to each other since the first time they met. Until I have to ask to clear this couple, are they really close or just fake each other?
Ready to open a battle to compete to show off rich?! In the talk show, Channel One 31, with Ning Panita, Boom Supaporn and Ajarn as one as the host of the show

In the past, being an MC was hit by a very heavy tour?
Eek: They hit each other regularly. Entertainment news has a chance to like and dislike Phat Anon. He likes to joke and we can’t help but laugh. Sometimes we laugh at you, the audience does not understand. Think we laughed in the news story.

Thank you for the clip from the talk show.

Like people watching him don’t laugh too?
Eek : Some stories are the third world, two worlds. which if this happened to us We understand it as an awkward moment or a moment of shock, helplessness, stress and anxiety, but the news style is not crime news. then maybe Phachara Anon, he likes to talk about things all the time. We’ll laugh at that.

So how heavy was it?
Eek: What are you laughing at? It’s fun to see other people’s suffering. what about this Sometimes our own laughter isn’t right.
Phat Anon: Organizing an entertainment program, it must be entertaining, right? Maybe in the show we say another story. After the show, sometimes we talk about another thing and we laugh.

When we see a tour comment, do we go back and think about it?
Phat Anon: I don’t think so, I went on another tour. I don’t go on the same tour as him, I don’t care.
Ek: He’s going to be like this, cursing, cursing back.

Phi Phat will sue netizens back as well?
Phat Anon: Otherwise, go down at the right time. not down to parents Sperm was born through a condom. through the condom to be born So we said that if I surpassed you, you surpassed me.

Is this the hardest thing?
Phat Anon: No, I have the original bully. It has been drama all the time since 1992.
Eek: Even if there is no drama He’s always trying to find drama, just like he’s lonely.

Is it true that reading the news is not funny and there is drama on social media? Until adults have to collapse the list?
Eek: It’s not to say that the return of the two of us, this time is the second comeback, that is, we’ve done it together for 7-8 years before.

Were you and Aek friends before?
Eek: People who are friends in their spare time, they will call and talk. or meet from time to time Call to discuss But ours is that we meet only on the show. At the end of the show, they all parted ways. And we don’t talk at all. But Line talks about one thing every day. what to wear tomorrow

Dare to hit each other? in order to sell Is there any connection?
Phat Anon: No, but I don’t like it. Well, it’s different in my style, you can go anywhere and eat on the roadside. But hey, he won’t, he has to eat good food.
Eek: Different lifestyles are more different.

About wearing a brand name?
Eek: At first, he was very suggestive. That she bought hundreds of thousands of expensive dresses, she doesn’t have a lot of money, she must be stupid too. But when I met him one more time So we teased him for being wow from head to toe, even to his underwear.
Phat Anon: It’s like a fate to curse him a lot. When I wear it, I feel like it and I buy it like crazy. Maybe a million The first item I bought was a bag. At first we saved money. But when my mother died, we spent the money. But this time it’s lighter because of covid.

I don’t dare to sell because I’m afraid that the mount people will fall down, is it true?
Phat Anon: Not true, I don’t want to sell because I’m sad. I’m rich.

Does Phi Phachar have a lot of children to raise?
Phat Anon: Not a lot, only one person. Can’t raise a lot Feed a lot just through
Ek: He chooses the people who pay. not everyone

What do you want to pay man?
Phat Anon : Tuition fees, books, phone, car, house

Do you see that the age difference is 30 years?
Phat Anon: We’ve been together since he was 17-18, his parents have died. met by chance We didn’t think he would become our boyfriend. He was the one who flirted with us. I didn’t. He came by himself. not a star

What do you pay him?
Phat Anon: We are adults, we have to take responsibility for his life. such as tuition fees, a car, a house to live in I’m still here. This person is 8-9 years old. Even now, I don’t need love. I just want a friend but I love you love alone like a flirt but love alone

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