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Fight without corners: the return of Yantra, the legend of ‘News Live’

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By…Wong Tawan

Return of the Yantra The legend of the news ‘fresh news

The return to appear in Thailand of Former Phra Yantra or Mr. Winai Laungsuwan, after escaping the crime, went abroad for a long time. Previously, some had sneaked back in. but quietly Recently, there are pictures on social media that are not normal. have disciples Even the monks bowed ignorantly.

In spite of today’s condition, dressed in green, wearing green trousers, long hair, and a puffy beard. but still boasts of being a monk

The truth of the story of the former Phra Yantra It is revealed that all the shells are gone. that he misrepresented himself misbehavior, having children and wives

by the news newspaper Be the one who opens the news and delves into all kinds of bad behavior!

Started to open the news in the newspaper, Khao Sod, issue dated 16 January 1994, presenting more than a year. Until the issue dated April 1, 1995, it’s the end.

When avoiding being captured by changing to green clothes known as the green fox and then fled abroad.

During the year 2537 when the news revealed that Yantra It was in the era that there was still a beautiful monk, famous, disciple, full house full of people in the city.

But when following the information until there is a lot of clear evidence It uses the truth which is the main weapon of the media. present to society

with an important goal is to protect Buddhism to flourish

In the midst of widespread anger and dissatisfaction from the blind disciples,

Responsible Minister It also protects the Yantra. with local popularity

But that can’t stop the digging of fresh news. Open a lot of corroborating evidence, including people, photos, and slips that are used to swipe cards in mundane places abroad!

In the end, the truth appeared in the eyes of most of the faith society, the former monk Yantra began to decline drastically. even the closest disciple began to come out to reveal

causing the government and clergy to come in and investigate

until there was an important resolution of the Sangha Council is to have a blood test for DNA testing To prove allegations of harassment Sika has a child!

But the yantra later became the nickname Yanda. not complying with the resolution

and dodge by wearing green before the body disappears

This is the work of live news. which began to be presented from the beginning of 1994 and continued until 1995

In addition, in 1994, the fresh news also penetrated Pulitzer-level news, namely, uncovering the process of carrying and killing 2 Sri Thanakhan mother and child.

until becoming the largest newspaper of the country in just 3 years

These works and remain consistent. This makes fresh news still a medium with much credibility until now!

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