Fighting 2022 public offering product layout focuses on both offensive and defensive

The volatile market in 2021 will not be changedFund issuanceIs very popular, and a newfundThe raised scale exceeds 2.66 trillion yuan,fund companyEfforts in product design and layout are indispensable. Explosive products are fully blooming in various types such as equity, “fixed income +”, FOF; public offering REITs, FOF-LOFETFA series of innovative products such as index enhancement, inter-bank certificate of deposit index funds, and Beijing Stock Exchange theme funds have successively become hot spots in the market.

By the end of the year, the fund company began to actively plan the product layout next year. A number of fund companies stated that next year they will continue to uphold the strategy of “both offensive and defensive”, both holdings and new launches must be grasped, and the direction of the layout will be examined in terms of investment and research resources, track capacity and other aspects.

Public fundraising for the beach to lay out a popular track

Product innovation becomes a bright spot

In terms of new products released this year, some large and medium-sized fund companies have made great achievements. While consolidating their own advantages, they have also effectively supplemented their shortcomings. “Fixed income +” products and industry-specific ETFs have all become their focus. In addition, this year is also a major year for public fund product innovation. Public REITs, FOF-LOF, enhanced ETFs, interbank deposit index funds, and Beijing Stock Exchange theme funds have successively hit the issuance market.

  China Merchants FundSaid that this year the company’s stock type,HybridProduct types such as, bond type, etc. have achieved growth above the industry level. Among them, the “Fixed Income +” fund has achieved remarkable results in brand building and index product line development. In terms of indexes, the company continued to develop and deploy index products centered on characteristic themes and broad-based strategies as a supplement. Since the beginning of this year, 17 index funds have been issued, including the first batch of products in the industry such as entrepreneurship ETFs and cloud computing ETFs.

At the same time, China Merchants Fund also launched a number of innovative public offering products, including specialized special new funds, science and technology entrepreneurship 50 ETF, public offering MOM, index-enhanced ETF, etc.

  HSBC Jintrust FundGeneral Manager Li Xuanjin said that this year HSBC Jinxin has carried out some strategic layouts, focusing on the diversification of strategies and diversification of business. They are interested in trying out FOF, QDLP, regular investment, and “fixed income +”. . In terms of product innovation, we pay attention to the development of the domestic asset management market with the goal of pension. In addition, we hope to leverage the advantages of senior joint venture companies. In addition to the Beijing Mutual Recognition Fund, we have the opportunity to introduce some overseas investment models through other cross-border investment models such as QDLP. The products provide more investment options for domestic investors.

  Cathay Pacific FundIntroduced, in terms of active equity funds, many products have been issued this year under the helm of high-quality fund managers. In terms of passive indexes, a series of industry ETFs and broad-based ETFs have been laid out. The industry ETFs cover photovoltaic, medical,Consumer Electronics, Smart cars, etc.Recently, as the first batch of actively managed index-enhanced ETFs in China, Cathay PacificCSI 300Enhanced strategy ETF has been approved and issued.

  Bosera FundSaid that this year the company continued to exert efforts in multiple product lines such as industry, thematic equity funds, ETFs, public REITs, partial debt mixed absolute return products, pension target products, and many holdings of partial debt mixed absolute return products have also been invested. Welcome.

  Debon FundSaid that this year the company began to fully complement the equity product line. On the one hand, it will continue to strengthen channel cooperation and issue wide-based products that meet channel needs and market trend judgments. On the other hand, it is actively deploying industry-themed funds to meet the needs of customer groups for industry-focused, stable-style products.

  Nord FundwithQuam FundThis year, the “Fixed Income +” product line has been further improved, focusing on the deployment of “Fixed Income +” products. In addition, Quam Fund is also one of the developers of inter-bank certificate of deposit index funds.

Continue to maintain both offense and defense next year

Product layout focuses on balance

Regarding the product layout next year, the interviewed fund companies stated that they will still adhere to the principle of “both offensive and defensive”, not only in the “fixed income +”, active equity, ETF, FOF product types balanced layout, while focusing on the continuous marketing of old products.

Bosera Fund stated that it must first consolidate its investment and research capabilities, further strengthen and optimize the profitability and profit experience of old products; secondly, continue to clarify product risk and return characteristics, enhance the matching degree of old products to the needs of different customer groups, and fully tap old products Attractiveness and vitality. On the other hand, it closely follows the pace of national industrial transformation and upgrading, and deploys more competitive active equity products that represent the future direction through investment and innovation in emerging sub-tracks.

Noord Fund said that next year will continue to focus on improving the company’s product line, and will focus on continuous marketing for old products that fit the market style.

When talking about the specific product planning and layout next year, a number of fund companies said that the overallGo to the meetingProceed in a new direction. When choosing a track, it will consider investment and research resources, track capacity, track congestion, etc., and selectively participate in the fiercely competitive track combined with its own endowment advantages and strategic planning.

China Merchants Fund will focus on a balanced layout strategy in terms of product layout next year. Among them, the active equity products will make a matching layout around fund manager portraits, channel portraits, customer group portraits, and product portraits; in terms of fixed income + products, we will strive to build a star brand product line to cover more customers. In terms of FOF products, pension FOF will be the main focus. In terms of ETF, it is necessary to build a complete product research and development ecosystem, and make advance and precise layout.

Cathay Pacific Fund said that in terms of active equity, it will deploy market-wide stock selection and theme funds. In terms of fixed income +, continue to develop fixed income + products with different strategies. In terms of FOF products, we will complement stable, balanced and active FOF products, and continue to develop old-age FOF products.

Nordisk Fund stated that in its product planning and layout next year, the company will take into account equity products, “fixed income +” products,Bond fundAnd FOF. Equity category will be deployed in different sub-industries, and will also consider the issuance of balanced allocation, partial debt hybrid products, etc. The core of the “Fixed Income+” product is to find a relatively correct direction of rights and interests. In addition, the company will also develop and design fixed-increased public offering products to enrich investors’ asset allocation tools.

Li Xuanjin said that in terms of offensive products, he will continue to help investors capture the major trends of the times. For example, “carbon neutrality” may become a historic opportunity. In addition, ESG investment, fund investment advisory business, FOF, QDLP, etc. are also likely to become major trends in the future market.

Debon Fund said that next year, it will deploy some products that meet customer needs and risk-return characteristics, and improve its fixed income product line. In terms of equity products, it will complement the styles and industries that are not yet available. The arrangement of quantification, index, ETF, and FOF mainly depends on whether customer needs can match their own ability endowments. In the future, it will be relatively concentrated on the relatively promising directions of China’s long-term economic development, including consumption, medicine, technology, new energy, and advanced manufacturing.

Quam Fund said that in the future, it will give full play to its advantages in the field of “fixed income +”, and provide investors with different types of “fixed income +” products, such as the first and second levels with different equity and debt ratios.Debt baseAnd hybrid products to suit investors with different risk and return preferences. At the same time, the company will continue to deepen the extension of equity products and deploy balanced configuration and theme products that meet market demand.

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(Original title: The focus of the 2022 public offering product layout is both offensive and defensive)

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