Figure skating GP final canceled → A stylish message from a US player from Japanophilia “A country I like very much” … Fan impression: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Jason Brown (26, USA), who was scheduled to participate in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating (GP) final scheduled to be held in Osaka from December 9, 2021, is sending a message in Japanese through Twitter. ..

The GP Final was announced to be canceled on December 2 due to the influence of the new coronavirus mutant “Omicron strain”.

  • Jason Brown / Photo: Newspix24 / Afro

  • From Jason Brown's Twitter

    From Jason Brown’s Twitter

  • Jason Brown / Photo: Newspix24 / Afro
  • From Jason Brown's Twitter

“We will meet again soon”

On Twitter on the day the cancellation was announced, Brown told Japanese fans in Japanese, “We will meet again soon. It’s just gone next week.” Brown is known for his pro-Japanese family. In front of the rose flower and the street art that says “SEE YOU SOON” and “EVERYTHING WILL BE OK”, I also attach a picture of myself making a heart shape with both hands.

“Health and safety are the most important things now,” said Brown, “I’m looking forward to going to Japan in the near future. Until then, one of my favorite countries. I sincerely send my love to Japan and all of my fans and pray for their health. ” At the end, he sent a message saying “I love everyone”.

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“I should have been painful … Jason is too kind” “Thank you for always thinking about Japan” “I love your kindness and warmth!”

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