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[Figure]Recognizing the weight of the Great East Japan Earthquake “Yuzuru Hanyu Exhibition Together, Forward” begins | SPREAD

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Iwamoto Kengo

“The day before was released to the pressYuzuru Hanyu Exhibition Both forwardIs on the 16thShibuya Cultural Center Owada, TokyoThe general event has started at.This is unprecedented on March 11, 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeIt’s been 10 years since then, and I was 16 years old at that time.Yuzuru HanyuHowever, it is an exhibition that conveys the experience of the shelter and the days with the people I met in the disaster area.

Cultural Center Owada is a convenient 5-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station, but it is reasonably sized at around 145 square meters. Considering the popularity of Hanyu, the capacity is quite small. Therefore, although admission is free, measures against the new coronavirus have been taken, in which you must make a reservation with the app in advance and visit at the reserved time.

■ Reproduce the living space where the Hanyu family spent their days after the earthquake

At the entrance of Gallery Owada on the 2nd floor, a sign board similar to the official website of the exhibition is displayed, and the entrance is on the right. The exhibition begins with a look back at the time of the earthquake, and there is a living space at your feet that is less than 2 tatami mats, where the Hanyu family spent their days after the earthquake. Some viewers walk too far on it, unaware that it was a living space.

At the wall, “I felt the regret that the town where we lived collapsedHanyu’s own words were listed. Also at night, when I went out of the shelter and looked up at the sky, “We couldn’t recover in total darkness, but the stars were shining.I felt it was the light of hope“The naked feelings of Hanyu, who was a teenager, were spelled out.

Hanyu himself also visited each disaster area for reconstruction. When I visited Ishinomaki City, I said “There really was a house here and everyone was sleeping here at night.I feel once again how heavy the number of victims isIs spelled out. Also”There are feelings and feelings of various people.If I could expand what I felt and heard“The sense of mission is conveyed.

■ Hanyu’s terrible feeling again and expectations under the headwind of Corona

In the latter half of the exhibition, three costumes actually worn at the competition were exhibited. 2015 “Requiem of heaven and earth, 2011 Short Program “Sadness, And 2017 “Notte stellata“. “Notte stellata” It means “star of the sky” in Italian. Is it the starry sky looking up outside the shelter?

At the end of the exhibition, “Both forward 2021It ends with a board with his autograph message.

Let’s take a look at these exhibits and recall the memories of the great earthquake that was 10 years ago. From there, I want to feel the terribleness of Hanyu, who has won the Olympics for the second time in a row, and stop and think about what each person can do so that the last 10 years will not end with mere weathering. ..

This exhibition is open until January 17th. Also, from January, it will be touring Fukuoka, Miyagi, Osaka, and Miyazaki.

Hanyu starts on the 24th of this month“89th All Japan Figure Skating Championships”Entry has been completed. We can’t help but expect what kind of performance Hanyu will perform in the current headwind of corona.

“Yuzuru Hanyu Exhibition Together, Forward” Special Page

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