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Apple Watch’s first high-end model “Apple Watch Ultra” will finally be released on Friday, September 23, 2022. The editorial department of GIGAZINE also ordered at the same time as the order started, and I managed to get the Apple Watch Ultra on the release date safely, so I took a video and photo of its advanced appearance and observed it carefully.

Apple Watch Ultra – Apple (Japan)

Apple Watch Ultra is delivered in a cardboard box like this one.

The package looks like this. Like other Apple products, the outer box is pure white. The center has an embossed Apple Watch logo.

This outer box can be opened from the back side.

When I opened it, the snowy mountains were printed like this…

Includes a getting started guide.

Below that, boxes containing Apple Watch Ultra and special bands are stacked separately.

First, open the Apple Watch Ultra. There is a sticker with an arrow mark on the bottom of the box, so remove it in the direction of the arrow.


Dedicated charging cableiMacorHomePod miniIt is woven with fiber material such as mesh fabric.

This is the body. The case size is 49mm, making it the largest case ever. The case is also made of unprecedented aerospace industry grade titanium, and has excellent weight, durability and corrosion resistance. Apple Watch Ultra body color is natural only.

Until now, the Apple Watch was designed so that the display glass and the main body case were smooth curves, but the Apple Watch Ultra has a raised edge to protect the display glass. In addition, since the individual edge part and the display glass are connected at the same height, the display has a flat design like the iPhone 12 and later.

The difference is obvious when you compare it to the conventionally designed Apple Watch. The roughness around the Digital Crown on the right side is also a feature of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Looking from the side, it looks like this, and it makes a big difference if there is an edge to the display part. Another point is that the Apple Watch Ultra titanium case does not have a mirror-finish surface, so dirt like fingerprints is less noticeable.

The model name and case size are written on the back.

There is only a groove for passing the band on the upper surface.

The same goes for the bottom.

A new “action button” has been added to the left side of the Apple Watch, where there was only a microphone and speaker. The multiple holes to the left of the action button are advanced dual speakers, and the single hole to the right is a siren that emits an 86 decibel sound pattern that can be heard up to 180 meters away. The action button is a button that the user can freely assign to launch an application, etc., and the color is a distinctive international orange.

On the right side is the Digital Crown and the side button, and the small hole to the left of the side button is the 3-mic array. Until now, Apple Watch only had the Digital Crown protruding from the side, but in Apple Watch Ultra, the side is raised to protect this Digital Crown. Also, the size of the Digital Crown itself is quite large, and the accent color of the Digital Crown has also been changed from red to international orange.

The actual weight of the main unit is 61g.

Next, we will open the alpine loop, which is one of the unique loops.

I chose Starlight as the color.

An alpine loop is a loop that places a G-shaped titanium hook into the loop and fixes it.

So, if you insert the fastener part at the end of the band into the groove on the top and bottom of the Apple Watch Ultra……

Band setup is complete. Try turning the power on as it is. The Apple Watch Ultra display resolution is 410 x 502 pixels. The display is an always-on Retina display with a brightness of up to 2000 nits, the brightest ever, which means it’s twice as bright as other Apple Watches.

When you actually wrap it around your arm, it looks like this. After all, the size is quite large compared to the previous Apple Watch, and it seems that there are many people who say that even grown men will outgrow their wrists, including the band fastener part of the Apple Watch Ultra. However, at first glance, I did not find the size and weight of the watch troublesome.

It features a wayfinding dial designed specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra, a time dial that can be switched to a live compass, and space to display eight complications. Also, by turning the Digital Crown, it is possible to activate the “night mode” which changes the color of the entire dial to a color that is easy to see even in the dark. You can check how to turn the Apple Watch Ultra Digital Crown to activate or deactivate the night mode of the wayfinding dial in the following video.

Film turning the Apple Watch Ultra Digital Crown to activate or deactivate the wayfinding dial’s night mode – YouTube

Since the Apple Watch Ultra display is a constant display Retina display, the dial of the finder will change to a black tone after a while to reduce battery usage.

The main body of the Apple Watch Ultra is just a 49 mm titanium case, and there are three types of bands available: Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band. No matter which band you choose, the selling price is 124,800 yen including tax.

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