Film Rattapoom with a lawyer to follow Khunying’s progress Notify the prosecution of “Rambo Seksakon-Ajarn Nida” lèse majesté

At 15.00 on January 13, at the Bang Khen Police Station, Mr. Rattaphum Tokongsub or Film, Deputy Spokesperson of the Thai Sang Thai Party with Mr. Praphan Yensuk, a lawyer authorized by Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, chairman of the Thai Sang Thai Party
met with Pol Col. Thammasak Saraboon, Superintendent (Investigation), Investigation Division 2, Bang Khen Police Station, and Pol Lt. Col. Sarawut Butdee, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation), Police Station. Bang Khen to follow up on the progress of Khunying Sudarat’s case File a complaint to prosecute Mr. Seksakon Atthawong or Rambo and file a complaint to prosecute Mr. Anon. Sakworawit Lecturer at Faculty of Applied Statistics National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) posted a picture of Khunying Sudarat and vaccination certificate Specify the name claiming to be Khunying Sudarat. with harsh words and defamation content to Khunying Sudarat Posted on Facebook on 12 Jan.

Mr. Rattaphum said that today is the representative of Khunying Sudarat. Want to follow up on the progress of reporting the lawsuit against Mr. Sek Sakon and report to prosecute Mr. Anon which would like to ask Mr. Anon Why post such a message and have you checked the information well? because the document image from Khunying Sudarat There was no other vaccine, so had to be vaccinated with Sinovac and Khunying Sudarat. He also urged the government to provide alternative vaccines to meet the people’s needs, but Mr. Anon used the information to convince the people that Khunying Sudarat also supported the Sinovac vaccine.

Attorney Praphan revealed that from examining the messages posted by Mr. Anon found that it was a message that was considered defamatory because resulting in damage and get hatred punishable by criminal In order to preserve the rights of Khunying Sudarat Therefore, legal action must be taken. As for whether it is in the category of the Computer Crime Act or not. It is up to the police how to proceed.

Mr. Rattaphum added that This notification came for personal reasons. Not assigned by Khunying Sudarat in any way because he had read the message of Mr. Anon regarded as inappropriate Even though Khunying Sudarat has called for an alternative vaccine for the people and should support but instead made an accusation in the comment section It must be considered that any messages are considered insulting. If there is a message resulting in damage must be taken legally It also confirmed that Mr. Anon I did not know Khunying Sudarat in any way. In the case of Mr. Sek Sakon Happened on July 15, last, Mr. Sek Sakon filed a complaint at the Crime Suppression Division (BDC), which resulted in damage to Khunying Sudarat. therefore filed a complaint at the Bang Khen Police Station Currently in the process of investigation, therefore, the evidence is a news CD of Mr. Sek Sakon’s interview. to be given to additional investigators. Initially, the investigating officer accepted the matter. and will examine and collect the evidence presented by the petitioner to proceed with the next steps


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