‘Final Fantasy 7 Reverse’ to be released in early 2024… Part 2 of the remake trilogy series |

Maybe we can see the world where Aerith doesn’t die. ‘Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’, the sequel to ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’, unveiled at the Summer Game Festival on the 9th, seeks a new variation.

Square Enix confirmed the name of the sequel to ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ as ‘Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’ through the Summer Game Fest and released an accompanying trailer.

With the story following the previous remake, the user uninstalls to Cloud and goes on an adventure again with Aerith and Tifa. However, this series seems to have been prepared with a story line that gives variations on the original story. Especially, new characters are involved, and the change through this is a notable part.

In terms of gameplay, although the background graphics, which were disappointing in the previous work, seem to have been improved, there are scenes where both characters seem to use synergy skills with their each other In addition, with some combo videos appearing as aerial combos, it is expected that a more detailed combat system will be introduced compared to the previous work.

Can the revival of Aeroth, which has been a long-standing wish of users, become a reality? ‘Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’ will be officially released in early 2024.


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