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“FINAL FANTASY V” pixel remastered version will be distributed on November 11th. Adventure by freely combining jobs and abilities –AUTOMATON

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Square Enix announced on October 28, “FINAL FANTASY V』Pixel remastered version will be delivered on November 11th. Supported platforms are PC (Steam) and iOS / Android. The price on Steam is 2200 yen, and you can buy it for 1760 yen, which is 20% off until December 1. As a pre-order bonus, 3 special soundtracks and 2 wallpapers will be included.

The “FINAL FANTASY V” pixel remastered version is a newly developed remastered version based on the RPG “FINAL FANTASY V” released for Super Nintendo in 1992. Square Enix is ​​rolling out pixel remastered versions of the early six Final Fantasy series. In Pixel Remaster, the main staff is Kazuko Shibuya, an art director who has worked on the dot characters of the series from the beginning, and while cherishing the atmosphere of the original version, all the graphics are 2D in a form that shines on the modern high resolution screen. Express vividly. The songs are also arranged under the complete supervision of Nobuo Uematsu.

In this work, the main character Butts, who travels the world with a chocobo, will go on an adventure over the incident of Crystal that brings harmony to the world while meeting friends. An ability system that allows you to freely combine jobs and various abilities has been prepared, and the job change system has evolved. It is a work that you can enjoy more free character development and strategic battles, such as finding a combination of jobs and abilities that are compatible with each other.

In addition, the pixel remastered version is newly equipped with an improved UI and auto battle. It is said that it is easier to play. In addition, elements such as a monster pictorial book, an illustration gallery, and a sound player will be added to allow you to enjoy the game world more deeply. In the pixel remastered version released so far, changes have been made to the game balance etc., and it seems that there will be such changes in this work as well.

The Pixel Remastered version of FINAL FANTASY V will be available for PC (Steam) and iOS / Android on November 11th.

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