Final Fantasy XVI Development Delayed Epidemic Delayed Progress by About Half a Year-Hong

The latest episode of the classic Japanese RPG series Final Fantasy, FF16, did not have much details when it was first announced. It was originally scheduled to announce more information in 2021, but recently even this has to be postponed.

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) was first announced at the September 2020 press conference. At that time, apart from the game logo and trailer, not much information was known. Later, Square Enix said that more information will be made public in 2021, but the producer Naoki Yoshida recently announced on Twitter that the development progress has been delayed due to the epidemic and needs to be postponed.

The announcement stated that employees need to work at home during the epidemic, and communication efficiency is reduced in the case of remote communication, and the outsourcing company has also delayed delivery. Therefore, the overall development progress is expected to be delayed by half a year, and it is expected to have more in the spring of 2022. The news is announced.

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