Final score Texan vs Jaguars: Jacksonville sink turnovers in London and more tins

Final score Texan vs Jaguars: Jacksonville sink turnovers in London and more tins

Sunday was the first appearance of The Texans in London, and it was a reminder, with a decision of 26-3 in favor.

After the first half clean, there was very fun between the Jaguars Jackson and Houston Texans in the second half. Jacksonville made a mistake on the target field goal for their first holding in the second half, indicating that what was to come. There were three consecutive turnover at the Jaguars in the fourth quarter, which allowed Houston to expand its lead. The Texans were not exempt from mistakes, either. Carlos Hyde ran back down for a long time when Jarrod Wilson knocked him out of the hands at the 1-yard line. The Jaguars came back in the final zone.

Bill O's team keeps Brien at least with Indianapolis (depending on who Colts-Steelers today won) within the South AFC and Jacksonville falls below 500 in the division.

Why win the Texans

Houston ruled things on the ground when he played a cleaner football game. The Texans fled for 216 yards on 34 Sundays (6.4 yards per carriage) on Sunday. With such a passing demonstration, your team does not need to go beyond the ball. Deshaun Watson, the fourth back, had only 194 yards, but Brien's play designs were effective because they had different options.

Jacksonville ran the ball well but it was not so dedicated. They fled for 74 yards on 19 yards (4.5 yards per carriage).

Why the Jaguars lost

So far in the season, rookie Gardart Minshew II quarterback was relatively intact with football. Coming into the game, he spent two intercepted in eight games. He doubled this total with two further interventions against Houston secondary school which were expelled. Minshew also lost two other bubbles, a problem for the Washington State product. He had already fumbled seven times this season.

Turning point

At half time, there was a deficit of 9-3 before Jacksonville. On first possession in the second half, they tried to make a field goal but the dive was high and it took too long at the drop down stage and Josh Lambo kicker started with a fire drill. Instead of three possible points, the team had nothing left. Houston scored 10 points on the next two props to basically reach the game. The Jaguars were not scored in the second half.

Play the game

Descun Watson drew a quarterback a few years out of the hat during a Sunday game against the Jaguars. On this particular play, he was in the practice of Yannick Ngakoue when he somehow reached the ball distributed back to Carlos Hyde.

On another play, Watson's knee was almost down before he got rid of football. He turned a couple of likely sacks in a positive courtyard.

What's next

Houston to 5-3 improves with Sunday victory. The Indianapolis Colts is a semi-game goal, which plays the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 1 ph.m. ET games slates. The Texans enter weekly week with a game away against the Baltimore Ravens who are waiting for them when they return.

Jacksonville also goes into the week. The franchise between marketing Darling Gardner Minshew II and the veteran Nick Foles has decided at the quarter stage. Their next game comes on the road against the Indianapolis Colts. The Jaguars are the only team under .500 within the AFC South until a Week 9 road game result against Carolina Panthers is pending.

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