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In Korea, cats with orange fur are called cheese cats or cheese cats. In foreign countries, the cheese cat has a lot of aegyo and is nicknamed ‘Velcro Cat’, which is the butler’s chewing gum. Let’s take a look at the characteristics and charms of the Cheese Cat.

Cheese Cat Features

You become a cheese cat when you have the orange fur gene

Cheese cats don’t speak of a specific breed, and are nicknamed for their orange fur and tabby markings.

And the color of cat hair is determined by the black and orange hair genes, and when there is only the orange hair gene, it becomes a cheese cat. At this time, the orange hair gene has red pheomelanin cells, which makes the hair red.

There are many nicknames for the cheese cat

In Korea, cats with orange hair are mainly called cheese cats and cheese nyang, but in other countries they are called orange cat, ginger, marmalade, butter, caramel, butterscotch, etc.

Are there any breeds that are more likely to be born as cheese cats?

Among cat breeds, there are cats that are more likely to be born with orange-haired cats. In particular, there are American Bobtails, Devon Rex, and Scottish Folds.

There are also Abyssinian, Persian, Maine Coon, Bengal, British Shorthair, Turkish Angora and Somali cats.

Each cheese cat has a different pattern

All cheese cats have orange fur and markings. Cats with the orange fur gene also have the aguti gene, which gives them the tabby pattern. That’s why cheese cats have an M-print on their forehead and a tabby on their body.

Some cheese cats inherit a gene that dilutes the color of their fur, making the tabby less visible. However, when the cat is lying in the sun, faint markings are visible on its tail and back.

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Freckles may appear around the mouth or nose.

Black freckles may appear around the mouth or nose of a cheese cat. Black freckles are caused by the lentigo gene, which increases melanocytes in the gums, mouth and nose.

This is common in tricolor and chaos cats and does not indicate any health problems.

a lot of male cats

Female cats have XX chromosomes and male cats have XY chromosomes. At this time, the gene that determines the color of a cat’s fur is located on the X chromosome. So most tricolor cats are female.

For males, only one gene for the orange fur is required, but for females, both parents must be cheese cats. That’s why cheese cats are often male.

cheese cat personality

sweet talker

Cheese cats are so amiable that they follow the butler and sleep on the butler’s pillow. And they say they cry when the butler wants something.

In foreign countries, it is called Velcro Cat.

In foreign countries, cheese cats like to sit on the butler’s lap and be hugged, so they are called butler’s chewing gum or velcro cat.

cheese catcheese cat

A cat that knows how to relax

Cheese cats have a laid-back personality. So they like to relax and sleep on the sunny veranda or window.

Curious, playful cat

Cheese Cats play pranks on their butler first, and they say that they like to play with their own toys.

They are also very curious and often act dangerously. So be careful not to let the cheese cat climb on induction or dangerous places.

greedy cat

Cheese cats are said to be very greedy. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the usual diet so as not to lead to obesity in cats.

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cheese catcheese cat

smart but wacky cat

Cheese Cats are smart, but they also have a quirky side. Butlers who have cheese cats say, ‘Sometimes they act as if their buttocks are on fire’.

Fun Facts About Cheese Cats

A cat loved by the Joseon royal family

Cheese cat is famous as a cat loved by the royal family of Joseon, such as Sukjong, Sejo, and Princess Sookmyung.

Geumson, who was loved by King Sukjong

King Sukjong, the 19th king of the Joseon Dynasty, found a cheese cat playing in the tomb of his father Hyeonjong. It is said that King Sukjong gave it the name Geumson because he thought the soul of his father, Hyeonjong, resided there.

It is said that King Sukjong fed Geumson-i directly from the food on the table, and he shared it with him anytime, anywhere. And after King Sukjong passed away, Geumson was said to have been suffering from eating and drinking for about 13 days. It is said that Geumsoni was later buried next to King Sukjong’s tomb.

cheese catcheese cat

The Cheese Cat Who Saved Sejo

It is said that Sejo suffered from a serious skin disease. So, after Sejo was healed at Seongwonsa Temple, he bowed out of the main hall, and a cat was bitten by the hem of Sejo’s robe.

Feeling unusual, I checked the hall and found that there was an assassin. It is said that Sejo saved his life thanks to the cat, gave Seongwonsa a field for cats, and even made a cat statue.

cheese catcheese cat

Princess Sookmyung, who loved cats so much

Princess Sookmyeong, the daughter of Hyojong, the 17th king of Joseon, has been fond of cats since childhood. She says that’s why she ran after cats and even climbed trees.

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Moreover, it is said that even after Princess Sookmyung got married, she loved cats so much that she even wrote letters to her parents.

French researchers find more cheese cats in rural areas?

In 1995, French researcher Dominique Pontier et al. According to , there are more cheese cats in the countryside than in the cities.

Data were collected from 491 French rural and urban cats from 1982 to 1992.

In addition, male cheese cats are more likely to be black cats due to their high social status. This is due to the fact that cheese cats tend to be taller and heavier than other cats, making them more likely to mate.

Cheese cat is the mayor in Alaska?

In 1998, a cheese cat named Stubbs served as a mayor in the small Alaska town of Talkeetna.

Stubbs served as the mayor until he passed away in 2017 at the age of 20, and he said that he loved drinking water with catnip.

cheese catcheese cat

Cheese Cat Genetic Disorders

Cheese cats are said to be healthy as they have a variety of genes. However, if you are from Gilnyangyi, your immunity is weak and you are more vulnerable to cat beombaek or cat herpes.

In foreign countries, September 1st is designated as Cheese Cat Thanksgiving Day. In Korea, September 9th is also Korean Cat Day. How about celebrating September Day of the charming and charming Cheese Cat?


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