Find the Meth Closest Lab to Your House in Florida

As Break badly precisely demonstrated, can be very dangerous throughout meth lab. But if you live in Florida, there is a good chance that there is a person inside of thousands of your home.

A new analysis carried out by American Addiction Centers, a rehabilitation recovery operator, found that there were 877 mental laboratories in Florida in the last decade. As part of its report, the company released an interactive map that allows people to see how far they live from metopatamine sites. Search using New TimesAn address shows, for example, that meth lab was located slightly more than two miles away:

Interactive Map shows the Florida Meth Laboratory closest to your House

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After its popularity in the early 2000s and then declining, thieves are now evolving. According to her New York Times Last year, the US drug market has a surplus, due to improved manufacturing techniques and a dramatic reduction in wholesale prices.

While federal law 2005 passed the Congress passed to buy pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients in meth, foreign manufacturers of the drug created a basic prescription. Drug cartels in Mexico now use phenyl-2-propanone, which is easy to create in a laboratory.

As meth has saturated communities across the United States, deaths have also increased. In Florida, 464 people died from metamatamine in 2017 – an increase of 42 per cent from 2016, according to a report in November 2018 of the State Commission of Medical Examiners. Considering that methamphetamine metabolizes into amphetamine in the body, the report says that the actual number of meth deaths is likely to be much higher.

As Orlando Weekly Reporter Xander Peters noted in a story earlier this year, LGBTQ populations are most at risk when they use methamphetamine. Studies have shown that people who start using meth among men who have sex with men begin in normal sexual activity. This could be one explanation of the increasing rate of new HIV diagnosis of Florida.

In Miami, law enforcement officials say that the meth was generally seized in "superlabs" in Mexico, not in South Florida. In most cases, the drug is then trafficked over the border or sent by post.


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