Find the Space Mafia, Steam Final Test ‘Dubium’

Several titles are gaining popularity, and the rules of the Mafia game are familiar even if you are not a fan of the game. Moomo Studio’s mafia game Doubium, set in the universe, presents the possibility of a new domestic social deduction game with the final test.

Moomo Studio, a domestic game development studio, will hold the final test of the title ‘DUBIUM’ under production from the 28th to the 11th of next month.

A social deduction game is a genre of game where you take or find a hidden role among multiple players. Doubium, created as a game of the corresponding genre, was created to express a situation where no one can be trusted until the end of the game due to the existence of a traitor whose meaning is doubt or suspicion in Latin.

The production team created a situation where it was easier to find the traitor and make them attack closer, increasing tension. In addition, the 3D graphics with a cartoonish feel also made use of the unique game atmosphere.

In this test, a ‘Frontier Training Center’ has been added for players who are new to Doubium. This is a type of tutorial that helps you identify important elements to deal with different situations you will encounter during the game.

In addition, by introducing a roguelike-based growth system, you can decorate or grow your character with the rewards you collect when you escape from the spaceship. If you can’t escape, your character will die and lose the rewards you got during the adventure.

Through this test, Mumo Studio improved the points received in the previous test and added new weapons, minigames, and daily missions.

Along with the start of the test, a prologue video related to the game was also released. This 2D animation video depicts various elements typical of the game, events that took place in the spaceship, and missions to destroy cubes in a unique style.

Doubium’s final test, which runs until April 11, can be freely entered through the Steam platform.