Finding Enthusiasm in Everyday Life: A Review of the Movie ‘Hot’

August 25, 2023 11:14:06

Source: Heilongjiang Daily
Author: Fu Yao

**Excerpts from the movie “Hot”**

**A Heartwarming Tale of Dreams and Determination**

In a poignant yet uncomplicated story, the movie “Hot” revolves around its main character, Chen Shuo. Chen is an ordinary young man with an extraordinary love for hip-hop dance. His passion for dancing knows no bounds, but fate seems to conspire against him. Despite being born into an ordinary family burdened by debt and responsibilities, Chen remains unfaltering in his pursuit of his dreams.

Now in his early twenties, Chen finds himself grappling with the frustrations and challenges that often plague this transitional phase of life. To make ends meet, he takes on odd jobs like food delivery and car washes, even participating in low-paying gigs. Always on the move, always striving, Chen quietly endures the grind, catching the last subway home, always apologizing first. He embodies the resilience of everyday people in the face of adversity and wears his vulnerability as a testament to his tender spirit. Unlike those who may turn bitter or manipulative in the face of life’s hardships, Chen remains kind-hearted, prioritizing his family and treating others with gentleness and warmth. Yet, beneath this gentleness lies a reservoir of strength – an unwavering determination to overcome the obstacles life has thrown his way. The film’s poignant shots of Chen practicing late at night in his mother’s restaurant leave a lasting impression, capturing the essence of his relentless dedication. It is this perseverance that ignites his love for dance, transforming it into an unstoppable flame.

Another central character in this inspiring narrative is Ding Lei, a middle-aged man who clings onto his dreams. In his youth, Ding Lei was a dance prodigy, but he always fell short of claiming the championship title. His career as a professional dancer abruptly ended when he suffered a career-ending leg injury during the national finals. Undeterred, Ding Lei formed a dance crew named “Exclamation Point” and continued his street dance journey. Under his guidance, Exclamation Point quickly rose to become the premier dance company in the province. As Ding Lei enters middle age, his worries and mindset change, and he is no longer fueled solely by pure ambition.

The clash of dreams and the necessity of money create a pivotal conflict in the film. Chen’s aspiration for hip-hop greatness must make way for financial stability, leaving him torn between these two imperatives. There are no right or wrong choices, only the harsh realities of life to contend with. While young people still harbor expectations of bright lights illuminating their path to success, middle-aged individuals have long ceased to place their faith in such notions, guarding against the heartache of dashed hopes. When these two worlds collide, the sincerity of both Chen, the young dreamer, and Ding Lei, the seasoned artist, becomes intertwined. In the resulting cacophony of emotions, tears are shed, chests heave with the weight of unfulfilled ambitions, and a single word reverberates: “Enthusiasm.”

This coming-of-age tale with an inspirational core may not be groundbreaking, but director Dapeng’s approach sets it apart. Eschewing sentimentality and conventional motivational tropes, “Hot” narrates a story that resonates deeply due to its sincerity.

One scene, in particular, deeply moved me. Chen Shuo’s mother consoles her son, saying, “It’s okay not to be able.” These words struck a chord and brought tears to my eyes. Many films exalt individual effort and promise triumph over all odds, feeding us unrealistic notions. However, “Enthusiasm” defies convention. It imparts the wisdom that one need not rush, shine, or strive to be someone else; the key lies in making choices that align with one’s true self.

Life is not merely an uninterrupted march forward; it encompasses both surmounting roadblocks and dwelling in moments of stasis. Enthusiasm is not confined to chasing dreams or youthful exuberance alone; it extends to those who bear the weight of life’s burdens yet persevere. It is the collective spirit of individuals like you and me, entwined in the present moment, that imparts depth and meaning to our existence.

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August 25, 2023 11:14:06

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Fu Yao

Excerpts from the movie “Hot”

The theme of the movie “Hot” is very clear, and the story it tells is not complicated. The main character Chen Shuo is a literal “boy chasing dreams” He has a pure and sincere love for hip-hop dance. He will give everything for dancing, but unfortunately he is not the hero in the novel. He was born in an ordinary family, his father died of illness, his family was in great debt, his uncle was sick and needed to be looked after, his mother was good at singing and dancing, she used to shine on stage, but now she is confined to the kitchen day and night, opening a small restaurant to make ends meet.

Chen Shuo is in his early 20s this year. At this overwhelming age, everything seems so unsatisfying. He has to do several odd things every day, deliver food, wash cars, and host commercial shows with a meager income to make ends meet. Always turning around, always rushing on the road, always keeping a low voice, always catching the last subway to go home, always liking to say sorry first. He has “admitted defeat” of our little people after facing difficulties, and his heart is “fragile” polished by life. Vulnerable here is not a pejorative term. It represents Chen Shuo’s tenderness. He uses his body and mind to endure life, not Complaining, not cynical. Some people will become fierce and vicious or even sinister and cunning because of changes, but he becomes more lazy, more sensible, more careful about his family, and gentle and friendly to everyone. But at the same time, he is also very strong Being strong means that he has not been overwhelmed by the accident, and he is taking practical steps to take care of his family. When the film shot first told him that he was practicing quietly in the restaurant in the dead of night, the soundtrack and the empty mirror hit my soul directly, and the wax figures looked at his dedication. This his perseverance to fate, and his inner enthusiasm is waiting to burn, and it is his perseverance that makes his love continue to build up into a raging fire.

The other main character of the story is Ding Lei, “a middle-aged man who follows dreams” When he was young, he dominated the dance world, but he always lost the championship. After breaking his leg in the national finals that year, Ding Lei ended his career as a professional dancer. He started a team as a coach, naming it “Exclamation Point”, and continued to fight street dance until the end. Under his leadership, Exclamation Point quickly grew to become the No. 1 dance company in the province. When you get older, you have more worries, your identity has changed, and the way you do things is naturally different. One of the differences between middle-aged people and young people is that are they now pure.

Money is needed to make the dream of champion Ding Lei and Exclamation Point come true, but Chen Shuo’s hip-hop dream must be sacrificed for the money. There is no right or wrong at stake, only reality. The teenagers are confused, thinking that lights can pop out in the subway, in the square, and in every corner, but the middle-aged people have long since stopped believing in the light long don’t look forward to it, you won’t be disappointed. And when the two understand and clash, both sides of the sincere boy and the middle-aged are embarrassed, or the blood is hard to cool, or no one approves, or the tears are lost on the spot, or the chest is struck by a dream, the resulting loud noise is composed together. The most important is the summer monument “Enthusiasm”.

To be honest, this kind of growth story with an inspirational core is definitely not new, but Director Dapeng’s filming this time is really special. There is no good chicken soup, no self-touching preaching, no father-like success learning output, he tells a serious story, because the telling is sincere enough, so it is enough to touch people’s hearts.

In the film, Chen Shuo’s mother told her son: “It’s okay not to be able.” This sentence made me choke and cry. Many films madly emphasize individual efforts, emphasizing that man will conquer nature, so that people are full. of unrealistic fantasies. But “Enthusiasm” is not like this. It tells you that you don’t have to be in a hurry, you don’t have to be radiant, you don’t have to be someone else, you just need to make yourself. choices.

Life is not only moving forward all the way, it is also a kind of life to hit a wall firmly, and it is also a kind of life to stop in the same place and pause. It’s not just chasing dreams that is enthusiastic, and it’s not just youth that is enthusiastic, but people who are crushed by life but still live hard. It is you and I who are reading the article right now that make us up.

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