Finding success OPPO Find N2 Flip creates landslide sales with the strategy “Put it all in!” for “Fold better” smartphones

Finding success OPPO Find N2 Flip creates landslide sales with the strategy “Pour it all!” for “Fold better” smartphones

Hello, today the offside team will come to talk about OPPO Discover N2 Flip The first official folding screen smartphone in Thailand that creates an amazing response from both reviews from various media and interested users with a 452% increase in orders (compared to OPPO Find X5 Pro orders).

I must say that success OPPO Discover N2 Flip This time it came from the intention of OPPO who wanted to penetrate the folding screen smartphone market. to be received by users who want to experience the innovation of the best folding screen smartphones Through a neat, beautiful design with confidence that this is truly a “better folding” smartphone.

OPPO is confident that the folding screen is one of the key changes in the smartphone industry in the last decade. It is a turning point for the smart devices used today. able to move on to the next generation with a good and different experience

Offside team takes you behind the scenes down to the deep end to let you know it before it comes OPPO Discover N2 Flip How does OPPO prepare and develop this advanced technology?

behind the scenes Continuous design and development innovations make the OPPO Find N2 Flip better foldable.

Many people may not know that OPPO way before launch OPPO Discover N2 Flip to market Products using foldable screens have been developed and researched. For more than 5 years, since 2018, it can be called the first brand. of the world that started developing this type of smartphone

At the end of 2021, OPPO launched OPPO Find N, the first foldable screen smartphone. which comes with Flexion Hinge technology which allows the screen to bend so slightly that it is almost invisible

And in the last year (2022), OPPO Find N2, the world’s thinnest horizontal folding screen smartphone, was launched, both of which have been accepted in the Chinese market. The push sales of OPPO folding screen smartphones in China, rising up to 453% (compared to the same period last year), and also able to gain market share of folding screen smartphones in China have reached 30% during last January 2023.

And for this reason, OPPO is confident that it is time to deliver. OPPO Discover N2 Flip The first foldable screen smartphone came out to the market outside of China.

OPPO Discover N2 Flip It is a smartphone that is full of innovation. through research, study, and improvement in order to get the most perfect product We will look at the first technology that is at the heart of a folding screen smartphone, which Flexible Hinge The latest hinge mechanism That can cause the screen to bend very slightly. Viewed from all angles it is almost invisible.

With a technique that bends the curve into a teardrop shape. When unfolded, there are 63% fewer visible creases than the previous model, and this folding method causes fewer creases than other foldable smartphones. which also uses a U-shaped bend

In addition, fold the screen of OPPO Discover N2 Flip It is also designed to be close. There is no gap between the hinges. Prevent dust or foreign matter from getting between the screen and the hinge mechanism. and raised the side frame around the screen a little higher making the time to fold the machine The screens are not placed close to each other. Cause no scratches or damage from squeezing dirt that may be stuck on the screen

The new Flexion Hinge mechanism can be folded smoothly. And there are degrees to bend and hold in many positions We can use it by opening it ajar at 45 degrees, or at a perpendicular angle at 90 degrees and developing at 110 degrees as needed.

beautiful design It also comes with excellent durability The new Flexible Hinge has been tested and certified by the TÜV Rheinland Institute, after more than 400,000 foldings and unfoldings of the device, its use is still normal. With this level of durability, calculated for fun, if we open and close the mobile phone on average 100 times a day, after 10 years, it can still be used without problems.

Unlock all hesitation of people who do not dare to use a folding screen smartphone

“Bend better” is what OPPO defines OPPO Discover N2 Flip that is not just an advertisement because in addition to research and development to improve from previous models To make it even better, OPPO is still lacking by solving the limitations of existing folding screen smartphones. so that the user is out of doubt and ready to confidently switch to a foldable smartphone

Let’s start with the first thing. external screen He will see that other brands of smartphones folding screen to be a very small screen Useful just to look at the clock. or see a few notices Regarding work in other areas, the experience is not good enough.

OPPO Discover N2 Flip arrange to put the screen on the outside With a size of up to 3.26 inches, it is an AMOLED screen that provides sharp, beautiful colors. and bright, it can be used outdoors without a problem Designed to be positioned vertically, aspect ratio 17:9, so that the image frame will be as accurate as possible when previewing when taking pictures. Including this huge size Allows you to take photos in a selfie angle. Using a 50MP high-resolution rear camera, the picture is clearer and clearer than before.

and with a bigger screen Set aside time to see notifications Can display up to 6 items and is even more convenient when it’s a messaging app, be it SMS, LINE, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. We choose to click to see . And reply with Emoji or short messages that are installed instantly.

camera system of OPPO Discover N2 Flip Let’s call it the best specification among foldable screen smartphones currently on the market. The main camera is a 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor along with an 8MP Sony IMX355 ultra-wide camera and a 32MP Sony IMX709 RGBW internal display camera.

OPPO improves photography performance on smartphones with folding screens to be even better by embedding MariSilicon X NPU processor OPPO self-developed chipset to help with advanced AI processing for photography. along with a camera developed jointly between OPPO a Hasselblad Makes the color tone of the image beautiful and unique.

OPPO Find N2 Flip sales, prices, promotions

performance of OPPO Discover N2 Flip is considered with full dignity as the flagship model in the Find Series as well Dimension MediaTek 9000+ 4nm class chipset with fast processing and power efficiency Supports 5G use in Dual Standby at the same time on both SIMs.

OPPO Find N2 Flip sales, prices, promotions

battery life It’s another problem that people worry about with foldable screen smartphones. But this is not the limit for OPPO Discover N2 Flip Because it provides a capacity of up to 4,300mAh, with a design that allows the battery to be divided into 2 pieces in order to give the maximum capacity Within a device that is only 7.45 mm thin and of the this we have experienced. I must say that the battery is very durable than expected. You can use it without worrying all day from morning till night. Came back home and still had battery left.

OPPO Find N2 Flip sales, prices, promotions

While providing a large capacity battery It also has the best fast charging system. 44W SUPERVOOC Comes with You take time to fully charge from 0-100% in just 1 hour, helping to use the smartphone without interruption. Ready for continuous use throughout the day

OPPO Find N2 Flip sales, prices, promotions

And finally, what makes everyone want to buy. OPPO Discover N2 Flip is a subject “price” launched for only 29,990 baht, is the cheapest folding screen smartphone on the market But having better and complete specifications and performance that everyone wants including promotions and warranty So don’t be surprised why the many doubts OPPO Discover N2 Flip In Thailand, that is why it has increased so much.

Tremendous feedback with the “All in” strategy!

you Billy Zhang situation President of Foreign Sales and Service OPPO has given an interview about plans to market smartphones with folding screens. This is a strategy “All In” The direct translation is that the bet is all, no vest.

OPPO Find N2 Flip sales, prices, promotions

the meaning of the word All In OPPO is an integral part of the development of foldable phones. In the short term, it has set the right price range and integrated the marketing of all channels. in communication and product development He has fully invested resources.

OPPO has an interesting product development culture. must be sure that the products produced for the market must be very good to use Because these days, new technology Come quickly, OPPO believes, although it will take more time to develop . but dare to come later But when it comes, it must be the best.

In the smartphone market, OPPO’s foldable screen may not be the first to enter, but it is confident when it comes to playing in this market. Users will get the best experience there is OPPO Discover N2 Flip It is also clear that the sale although it is becoming “slower” is becoming “better” in every aspect.

OPPO Find N2 Flip sales, prices, promotions

OPPO Find N2 Flip, own it today with the best prices and promotions.

OPPO Find N2 Flip comes with a lightweight design. It weighs only 191 grams and only 7.45 mm thin, easy to carry, easy to use, comes in 2 colors to choose from: Moonlit Purple and Black Astral Black, released in official today at a price of 29,990 baht and Special when buying through a network service provider, a discount of up to 11,000 baht from today – April 30, 2023

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