Fire at Grand Diamond Casino, Poipet

The fire situation spread from the 2nd and 3rd floor to the top of the building. which has a lot of smoke coming out inaccessible While the Cambodian authorities have coordinated to request fire trucks from the Thai side to help put out the fire, traveling across the Thai-Cambodian Friendship Bridge for more than 10 vehicles.

Many people are said to have been injured in this incident. Most of them are Thai people. and it was reported that someone also jumped from a five story building behind him. and those who can help Most of them are Thai women.

By 1:50 am, the fire burned out outside the building. and a burst of light was shot out and it began to burn fiercely Along with a bunch of smoke pouring out of the building from 2:00 in the morning onwards, at that time someone was trapped on top of the building. Cause the staff to move them and spray them with water To help the people trapped inside get out first.

High angle shots of nearby buildings close to the building where the accident happened clearly showed the violent flames on top of the building. A number of victims had to flee to the roof of the building. which is filled with a lot of smoke Some had to hang out of the window which was depressing.

Most recently, at 5:00 am (29 Dec ’22), the fire continued to burn for more than 5 hours and did not appear to be under control. In addition, the fire was also spreading around the bridge that connects the hotel to the resort. which has a road and railway coffee shop Authorities had to prevent people from entering the vicinity. come out

As for those who were injured or killed the numbers cannot be reported at this time. To begin with, there was a jump. Or at least 2 people fell from the building and clung to a number of other buildings. For the Thai people who were injured and rescued, they were sent to the hospital for treatment. Aranyaprathet Hospital and Kasemrad Hospital, Aranyaprathet, where there is an emergency bed Aranyaprathet Hospital is inadequate.

Meanwhile, Casino Holiday which is adjacent to the Grand Diamond Casino has announced the evacuation of those who work. and live inside the building to get out and safe in a hurry Because part of the staff transported the LPG cylinders from the Grand Diamond Building building. come in the vicinity The Cambodian authorities have coordinated the cable car. and fire trucks from Thailand With rescue vehicles, rescuers went to help with the fire and the rest of the injured Thai people as well.

Photo clip/Facebook: Aunt Tua Acchub Aran


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