‘Firefighter Fighter’ Road FC Shin Dong-guk “I will become a proud father” : Sports Dong-a

Road FC Shin Dong-guk. Photo courtesy of Road FC

Road FC ‘Firefighter Fighter’ Shin Dong-guk (40, Team Force) expressed his special determination ahead of the Road Mall Road FC 059 competition.

Road FC held the official weigh-in event of Road Mall Road FC 059 at Wonju General Gymnasium on the 3rd. From the opening match to the main event featherweight title fight, a total of 24 fighters all passed the weigh-in.

Shin Dong-guk, a ‘firefighter fighter’ who works at the Chungju Fire Station, will make his professional debut in this tournament. In the previous 6 matches, they recorded 3 wins and 3 losses.

After going through the stages of Road FC Central League and Young Guns one after another, he advanced to the number series and grew into a fighter representing Road FC. Recently, they lost to Nam Eui-cheol and Soyat, and are on a two-game losing streak, but before, they have defeated prominent opponents such as Lim Byung-ha, Imai ¤ya, and Hayashi Tamotsu.

Shin Dong-guk maintains a physique that is close to perfect that he is 40 years old. In previous matches, he used his physical ability to overpower his opponents. On this stage, he is determined to show a different image through his game management skills. He will face off against Park Seung-mo (28, Team Genius) in the lightweight division.

Shin Dong-guk said on the 3rd, “I debuted in 2017 and had 7 pro games ahead. It was an honor to be able to fight great players in every match. I am honored and grateful to be able to play against Park Seung-mo again this time,” he said.

Then, he added another special resolution. He said, “Two twins will be born in November. I want my children to be born healthy. I want to win and become a proud father to the twins.”

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