Firefox web browser 114 official version released

Firefox web browser [사진: 모질라 재단]

[디지털투데이 AI리포터] The official version of the Firefox 114 web browser was released on the 7th.

This Firefox update includes a new menu, easier access to DNS over HTTPS settings, and improved camera performance on macOS.

Additionally, a bookmark search function is included to easily search for bookmarked websites, and a history search function is included in the history menu to search for websites in the browsing history.

Camera performance has been improved in the macOS version of Firefox. In the previous version, it was only possible to capture at a resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels, but in Firefox 114, it is possible to capture all resolutions.

FIDO2 and WebAuthn are also enabled using macOS, Linux and Windows 7. In this regard, the next version of Firefox 115 will be released on July 4th.


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