Fireworks, T-shirts and chocolates at the AKG Centre; See you trolls

First published on September 23, 2022, 4:12 PM IST

KOn July 30, the AKG center was set on fire at midnight. From then on, I heard that it was said that he would be caught now and now. However, the Kerala police were left in the dark as they could not nab the suspect. Finally, the case was transferred to the crime branch. On September 22, Kerala finally got the answer it was waiting for. ‘Get it’. The description of the method of investigation that found the person comes out when the Malayali thinks he is at peace. Jit, who was found by the crime branch to have set fires on that day, has the same T-shirt as the fire cracker in the CCTV video. Jithin posted a photo on Facebook wearing a T-shirt of the same color. Even the trolls were shocked to see the crime branch’s method of investigation. But the story didn’t end there. The explanation came from the President of KPCC. It was said that the police made Jeet confess to the crime by giving him drunken chocolate. Then there were the trolls. Let’s see that chocolate defendant.

After the firecrackers were set off at the AKG centre, the description of PK Srimati, who was present at the center and within minutes of the attack, LDF convener EP Jayarajan, who judged himself as the perpetrator , a lot of influence on the trolls. After this? The troll came down constantly asking that.

The fellow leftists who sided with these trolls are now celebrating the news that they have caught the accused. Daily updates on the AKG Center cracker case is the name of the FB page trolling the AKG Center attack.

On this page every day trolls were saying that they didn’t get the AKG center attack. But now it’s the trolls and the leftists are celebrating with comments at the bottom of every post.

Both sides are flooding social media with trolls to make their case. Meanwhile, the Crime Branch has this to say about the case investigation: The T-shirt worn by Jitin was definitely the case investigation of the AKG center attack. Jitin posted a photo on Facebook of the T-shirt the accused was wearing on CCTV.

After throwing the explosive device, Jithin reached Gaurishapattam on a scooter and got into the car. The crime branch found the car belonging to Jit. Crybranch also discovered that the scooter was being driven away by another person. The crime branch says when they were called for questioning, they arrived after changing all the details on the phone.

At the end of all the questions, the attack of the AKG center is about two and a half months after the arrest of the suspect. Jit, a native of Manvila, was taken into custody by the crime branch.

The Crime Branch found that Jitin had thrown the explosive device. Jithin, who was arrested, is the president of the Atipra Youth Congress constituency. He is being questioned at the crime branch office in Kavadiyar. Crime branch sources say that Jeet will be arrested soon.

The crime branch claims that the t-shirt and shoes worn by Jitin are the definitive evidence in the case investigation. Jithin was wearing a special brand of t-shirt and shoes.

A forensic examination revealed that the t-shirt in Jeet’s possession and the t-shirt in the CCTV footage were identical. When called for questioning, Jithin came with the formatted phone.

When it was sent for examination, the police said they had obtained crucial evidence about the violence. The crime branch also says that Jeet’s phone was at the location in Gaurishapattam on the day of the incident.

The case was transferred to the Crime Branch when an investigation team was formed consisting of sharp city policemen but the accused could not be caught. The only clue ahead of us was the CCTV footage from the AKG center where a man came on a scooter and started fire crackers.

Apart from this CCTV footage released within minutes of the incident, even after two and a half months, the accused could not be found. More than 100 CCTV images have been examined. All residents of the town who owned the Dio scooter model suspected to have been ridden by the suspect were questioned. Even the arsonists were questioned by the police. However the accused was not found.

Finally, the young man who had posted a few days ago that he would throw stones at the AKG center was taken into custody. As this became controversial, the Tadiyuri police released the young man. Five of the seven policemen on security duty were resting in the nearby Hassanmaraikkar hall when the incident took place.

Meanwhile, the statement came out that even the policemen who were nearby did not hear the sound of the explosion which sent vibrations up to the third floor. Meanwhile, the government and the police were further criticized for deliberately botching the investigation.

From the beginning, the police suspected the shopkeeper, who passed in front of the AKG center 14 times on the day of the incident. But it was also claimed that the hostage’s local CPM connection had come out through the phone records and the investigation into this route was stopped. A special team was investigating the case until the end of the assembly. But when he could not get it, the case was transferred to the crime branch.

KPCC President K Sudhakaran’s discovery when he came to know that everything was a story of drunken chocolate of the crime branch. KPCC President K Sudhakaran said Youth Congress worker Jitin who was arrested by the police is innocent.

Sudhakaran said that bombing is a pure lie. Those who are called by the police for questioning are drugged with chocolate. It was already clear to the people of the local leader of the CPM that the firecrackers had been fired. He added that Congress does not need fireworks.

No action against those who attacked the KPCC office. K Sudhakaran warned him not to scratch his head with fire and that he will march tomorrow if Jit is not released. I don’t know what’s inside the head of government.

K Sudhakaran said that when he was taken for questioning, he placed something like chocolate in front of the SP and hypnotized him to say whatever he felt in his mouth.

Neither Pinarayi Vijayan nor the government should think that the Congress will look at the police action. Sudhakaran added that it is not a problem for us if the center does not become an AKG center but beyond. The trolls got goosebumps after hearing this.

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