Firing, 5 male students, Kodik, dormitory molesting female senior students

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expelled Senior female high school student

On September 23, 2022, reporters reported on the rise of a 17-year-old female student, a boarding school student in a co-educational boarding school in Muang district, Phetchabun province, was climbed by a 15-year-old male student. the dormitory for women infected with corona virus 2019 or priest-19 and raped in front of a student The incident happened since last August 24. brought by the parents to the police Muang Phetchabun Police Station and Ms. Treenut Thienthong, the Minister of Education (MOE) that the matter has been reported. The incident was considered to be the school director’s fault. Ordered the school director to work in the central area and checked everyone involved. especially the teachers on duty who looked after the children on the day of the accident

Recently, the police said Initially, the injured person came to file a legal case. Identify only one criminal, the multidisciplinary team will join the investigation on 27 September, if there is a real crime, the case will be summarized and sent to the prosecutor on the same day. Initially, only one victim had filed a complaint. But if the injured person comes to report again, they can do so. In the case of a request for the victim’s students and their parents to turn off the news According to the law, whether it will come under section 157 or not, the parent or the injured person must inform Then the investigating officer will continue to investigate to the facts.

Ms Paweena Hongsakul, chairman of the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women, said on 13 September, The mother of a student at a boarding school in Phetchabun province brought a 17-year-old sister to the Paveena Foundation to complain that a male student had been forced to rape while he was in quarantine in a female dormitory in front of 30 students for the Ministry of Education He received, with Mr. Thee Phawangkanan, Inspector General of the Ministry of Education, the matter and immediately sent a car to pick up the mother and younger siblings that day to give information to the Ministry of Education

Ms Paweena continued that Paveena Foundation also coordinated Pol Col Ronnarit Suchaphot, Superintendent of Muang Phetchabun Police Station. In order for the mother and sister to report on September 15, the preliminary police examination before sending the younger brother to the hospital for a physical examination on September 27 has made an appointment with the multidisciplinary examination. because the perpetrators are also young people. Knowing that the school expelled 5 boys who committed the incident, the Paweena Foundation has been constantly monitoring the matter and has coordinated with the Ministry of Education to inspect the school. As for the case, the police are investigating.

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