First Bank titled “League of Legends” twice in a row. LSC campus league exposes the promotional film “League of Legends” for the winter regular game

“League of Legends” LSC Campus League (League of Legends School Championship, referred to as LSC) today (15) held a title sponsor online press conference, Bank One once again exclusively title sponsored the fifth event, and exposed the winter regular game promotion Video, the competition will start on October 25, 2021.

The 5th “League of Legends” LSC campus league title sponsored online press conference was held this morning, and invited Lin Tengjiao, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education and Acting Director of the Sports Department, Liu Peiwen, Deputy General Manager of Bank One, and Chen Baishou, Vice Chairman of the Republic of China E-Sports Association , Bai Ruiyuan, CEO of Taiwan E-Sports League, Garena Chen Xianlun, Associate, and Director Wu Nanyi of the E-sports Industry Talent Training Center of Liming Institute of Technology both kicked off the new season. At the same time, it was announced that the fifth “League of Legends” LSC campus league will start on October 25, 2021. This regular tournament and open competition will gather 51 teams from high schools, colleges and universities to compete for the winter and summer seasons. A total of 500,000 tournament prizes and the title of “Taiwan’s Strongest E-sports School Team”.

  • First Bank LSC The 5th League of Legends Campus League Winter Routine will start on the 25th of this month

“Today I am very happy to have this opportunity to participate in the Fifth League of Legends League of Legends League of Legends with Taiwan E-Sports Co., Ltd.” First Bank Deputy General Manager Liu Peiwen pointed out: “Although First Bank is a century-old store, But in order to show our determination to support young people and build a younger brand image, we entered the field of e-sports for the first time last year. The transcript, let us witness the new generation of Taiwan’s light together.”

Deputy General Manager Liu Peiwen also mentioned that Bank One’s iLEO digital account has accumulated 740,000 since its inception and is committed to providing innovative business models, such as a sliding transfer model and constellation investment, as well as iLEO dream account enjoyment to help young people realize their dreams. 1.2% high-profit savings within NT$720,000; in addition, the iLEO APP has also been revised and launched intimate revenue and expenditure analysis to help young friends intuitively view account revenue and expenditure status and customized financial management. It can also complete the collection and payment within 15 seconds. The multi-person collection service for reconciliation will continue to stand with young people with practical actions in the future.

Lin Tengjiao, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education and Acting Director of the Sports Department stated that in recent years, e-sports has gradually received international attention and will become an official event in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games; and in China, the Sports Department is actively assisting the National Team of the Republic of China E-sports Association to participate in the training. International competitions and domestic e-sports promotion activities, such as the LSC League of Legends campus league in 2018, are an example. Young players are welcome to participate in this emerging sport, and I wish LSC a complete success.

“TESL is committed to promoting the completeness of the e-sports industry. It spared no effort from the early hosting of the local e-sports league to the establishment of the team. We have also seen that many outstanding Taiwanese e-sports players in the world have repeatedly made great achievements. The key behind this is the cornerstone of e-sports. The CEO of Taiwan E-sports Alliance Bai Ruiyuan said: “I’m very happy to work with Bank One again, and look forward to creating more industrial value through the company’s resources, so that LSC can continue to cultivate a new generation of scenes. E-sports talents before and behind the scenes have stepped onto the international stage and made their mark. In the future, we will continue to work towards this goal.”

“LSC has always targeted colleges and high school vocational school teams. In recent years, many schools that have cooperated with the association’s industry and academia have not only set up school teams to compete, but have also planned e-sports functional courses in the classroom and cultivated them. Many front-end and back-end talents in the e-sports industry.” Chen Boshou, vice chairman of the Republic of China E-sports Association, pointed out: “I look forward to the fifth competition to continue to aim at the cooperation of industry, government, and academia to create a good sports industry environment for everyone. I also wish The teams have achieved great results.”

“Garena has long been committed to the development of Taiwan’s e-sports environment, and it also takes the cultivation of Taiwanese e-sports talents as an important task. The LSC League of Legends Campus League is one of our very important platforms.” Garena Chen Xianlun, Associate, said: “Thank you very much for the Sports Department, CTESA and With the help of TESL and their strong backing, Garena is also able to root a world-class e-sports like “League of Legends” in Taiwan.”

“I am very pleased that we reached the finals and won the final championship in the fourth League of Legends League of Legends in the First Bank LSC, which proves that Liming has spared no effort in cultivating outstanding e-sports talents.” Liming Technical College e-sports industry talent training Director Wu Nanyi of the center said: “The fifth tournament will start at the end of this month. We will continue to achieve good results so that more people can see the strength of the Liming E-sports school team.”

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    The host of the Fifth “League of Legends” Campus League Press Conference of First Bank LSC, JOJO tweeted

The fifth “League of Legends” LSC campus league will be launched on October 25, 2021, which will be the first to usher in the winter regular season, except for the defending army Dawn Penguins. In addition, there are eight participating teams including the Magnum Lions, the Dongtai Suns, the Hiking Bears, the Aspirational Forces, the Sanxin Fighting Eagles, the Youhua Dragons, and the new challenger Hongguang Falcons, all of which are all campuses in Taiwan. Temporary choice for e-sports teams.



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