First birthday without Sagar!!! Don’t be alone, stop together and celebrate with friends

Meena is an actress who came to Malayalam and became the leading heroine of South India. Even though she is not a Malayale, Meena is a heroine that Malayalees love.
The actor recently lost his loved one.

Meena’s husband, Vidyasagar, died in June. With the sudden loss of Vidyasagar, the star was in a slump. Vidyasagar died while undergoing treatment for respiratory ailments. The departure of his loved one had completely weakened the actor. But Meena was brought back by the star’s dear friends.

Meena herself had come out against the spread of news on social media regarding Sagar’s demise. Meena is active in social media. The actor himself shares the happy moments of overcoming difficulties.

All the features and pictures of Meena are getting a lot of attention among fans. But now the footage of the star’s birthday celebration is going viral.

Pictures of the actor celebrating his birthday after Sagar’s demise are going viral. Meena’s friends have shared the video of her celebrating her birthday by cutting the cake with her friends.

As it is the first anniversary after her husband’s death, the celebration is small. This video went viral among fans in no time. Many fans wish the actor well.

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