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First broadcast ‘Street Woman Fighter’, intense eye-popping dance showdown

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[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has been showing off a sparkly dance showdown from the first broadcast, making a good impression on the viewers.

‘Street Woman Fighter’ is a survival program featuring 8 female dance crew teams competing to become the top ranked crew. The cumulative number of views of the teaser video exceeded 13 million, drawing attention and expectations even before the broadcast.

In the first episode aired on the 24th, the 8 crews gathered for the first time and had their first confrontation ‘No Respect, Nomination Battle’ in front of MC Kang Daniel, Fight Judge Boa, NCT Taeyong, and Hwang Sang-hoon.

The ‘Nomination Battle for the Underdog’ was conducted in a one-on-one dance competition after designating a dancer belonging to another crew that he thought could win. The dancer who was nominated went first, and the dancer who was pointed out went second. The Fight Judge picked up the card to determine victory or defeat, and when victory was not determined, a rematch was held.

First, ‘Lachika’ Shimizu pointed out ‘YGX’ Rijeong. Shimizu conquered the baseline with a dance that emphasized smooth body movements, and Rijeong counterattacked by performing a street dance in a relaxed manner to the fast beat song. The judging result was Ri Jeong’s victory.

After that, Ri Jung pointed out Lee “Want” Chae-yeon as her opponent. Lee Chae-yeon, a former member of the idol group IZone, set up the stage after reinforcing her will, saying, “I will do it with confidence,” but all three of the fight judges chose Ri-jeong as the winner.

The battle that followed was a battle between ‘Lachika’ Gabi and ‘Hook’ Aiki. In the past, they competed for the adoption of the choreography of ‘Refund Expedition’, so the nerve war was fierce. Gabi, who took the lead, overwhelmed the crowd with waking, and even showed a daring figure of taking off her bottoms during the performance. However, the pants got caught in the shoes, and a sad scene was produced. Aiki decorated the stage full of wit with her unique sense. The fight judges called for a rematch, and Gaby at the end of a heated stage won the victory.

There was also a battle between ‘YGX’ Yeri and ‘Coca N Butter’ Jet Sun. Yeri, who took the lead, performed a dance that emphasized splendid skills, and Jet Sun showed off her dancing skills with energy and force. In the rematch stage, a dizzying situation was created in which two people who were trying to occupy the floor collided. At this time, the Jet Sun demonstrated his wits to sublimate the moment he fell into a dance and became the winner.

Jetsun, who won the victory, named ‘Proudman’ Monica as an abbreviation. Monica, who vomits as a dance teacher for the dancers, showed overwhelming stage control and was chosen by all three of the fight judges.

Next, ‘Lachika’ Peanut and ‘Proudman’ LipJ clashed. Peanut, who had opened the ball first, was immersed in an instant as the music flowed, heating up the stage with a violent dance. Lip J overwhelms the audience with his movements like a veteran dancer. A rematch was held while the dancers could not hide their excitement on the stage of the two people who competed with the same music and genre of dance. The joy of winning after a great match went to LipJ.

This day’s broadcast ended in a situation where Lee Hei from ‘Coca N Butter’ named Honey J as an abbreviation for ‘Holy Bang’. Viewers are curious about what kind of confrontation the two people, known to have broken up with while eating a single pot of rice in the past, would have fought.

Based on the paid households in the metropolitan area of ​​Nielsen Korea, the average viewer rating of episode 1 of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was 1%. The highest viewership rating per minute rose to 1.4%. It airs every Tuesday at 10:20 pm.


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