First domestic K2/K-9 landing in Poland The president was welcomed to the port

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Just four months after signing a 20 trillion arms export deal with Poland, dozens of K-9 self-propelled howitzers and K2 tanks from Korea arrived in Poland.

In Poland, the president went out to the port to welcome the arrival of Korean weapons.

It is expected that the so-called K-Defense will become a signal flare that extends to Europe.

Reporter Jeong Dong-hoon will tell you.

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Naval base in Gdynia, northern Poland.

When the package is removed, a large gun barrel is revealed, and a k-9 self-propelled howitzer with a Polish flag is soon revealed.

Polish officers take a close look at the lined-up K-9 and K2 Black Panther tanks.

Among the export contracts signed in August, 24 self-propelled artillery pieces and 10 tanks arrived in Poland.

The President of Poland came to the scene immediately and had a welcoming ceremony, and in particular, he gave a speech to the people saying that the country’s national defense capability had improved thanks to the prompt receipt of weapons.

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“Everyone knows how important it is to get weapons quickly in the context of the war in Ukraine. The agreement has just been signed, but the weapons have already arrived in Poland.”

Poland’s security concerns have increased due to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

[타가] The amount contracted with Korea is over 980 tanks and 648 self-propelled artillery pieces.

The first volume was delivered four months after the contract was signed, and the period that normally takes more than a year was significantly reduced, proving K Defense’s full-time production capacity.


“It is thrilling to see the K2 tank and K-9 self-propelled howitzer standing on Polish soil.”

The remaining tanks and self-propelled guns will be delivered successively within 2-3 years, some of which will be produced locally in Poland.

It was also confirmed that the first of 48 domestic fighter jets, the FA-50, which Poland has decided to introduce, will be introduced in July next year at the earliest.

Polish politicians even offer to participate in the joint production of the KF-21, a next-generation Korean fighter that is currently being tested.

Other European countries considering the purchase of K2 tanks, such as Norway, are also expected to evaluate the means of transporting weapons for the first time in four months, so a special European K-Defense program is expected.

This is Jeong Dong-hoon from MBC News.

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