First impression of “Canon EOS R6 Mark 2”, a new pro camera designed for everyone.

Officially launched for Canon EOS R6 Mark 2 Hybrid Full Frame Camera Complete tools for pro and non pro It works well and launched. Today we come to test for the first time with this camera that combines many things, how good it will be, let’s see.

The design of the Canon EOS R6 Mark 2

for the first time seeing this camera Having said that, it is different from the original version. Compared to the original version, it is more noticeable that the still and video mode buttons are on the left. Press to change more conveniently. The central device slot may contain new features. such as plugging in a monitor, Flash, etc.


The lens is still interchangeable in a mirrorless DSLR style and has a grip that is usually easy to hold. The weight of the drum is also good. It feels secure even with an 85mm lens attached, as you can see in the picture.


The back comes with a screen that can be closed back and forth, making it more convenient in terms of use. But what is worth watching is that the Touch Screen system works very quickly. and it can also insert 2 SD cards on the right side at the same time


The underside also provides a good sized battery. But if someone is not enough, you can plug USB-C on the left side to plug in direct power, but it is still recommended to put the battery in first.




Features that are the highlights of this camera

Canon EOS R6 Mark 2 is considered a camera that does not replace the original model But it is a full upgrade of the capabilities of the R6 because it has all the features that come with it, whether it


  • Continuous shooting at 40 frames per second AND increased accuracy in AF / AE Tracking, providing a resolution of 24.2 MP ISO 102,400
  • have a system Dection Eyes a Auto Topic Dection Separation between focusing on more than 1 object, such as taking pictures of people and showing things to melt the background
  • AI Focus AF Mode captures moving subjects with One Shot AF and Servo AF.
  • Digital TeleConverter Better than Digital Zoom, can focus 2-4 times the length of the chicken, equal to using a normal lens. Can zoom in to increase the range
  • The stabilization system is in the body and works with the IS system on the lens.
  • In addition, the Full Frame sensor that captures fine details supports 6K RAW / 4K 1080 quality when connected to HDMI. In addition, it can be recorded when connected to the external monitor such as IPB, recording in .mp4 format via sd card.
  • Save between Hi Res and Low Res split between card 1 and card 2, or save 2 cards at once.
  • Pre-Recording Press to capture the action instantly when in idle mode, the camera will record before 5 seconds.
  • Hybrid Mode Recording video 2-4 seconds before the shoot helps prepare content to support various
  • Supports UVC / UAC protocol 30 FPS
  • Support USB-C connection, direct connection to iPad, PC and Wi-Fi 5GHz / 2.4GHz connection.


In addition, Canon also added that if anyone uses this camera to shoot live, we can directly plug in the power via USB-C, support PD, power between 35 – 45W, which is considered more excellent than cameras at the same level. And in terms of ability, it can be said that from an hour of testing, having not been in contact with Canon cameras for a long time, they found that the adjustment was not difficult, the buttons were designed to be easier to find. Work fast and fit with this update But if it really works, it might have to be said. Agility may not be able to compete with the Mirrorless APS-C group, but if the features are said to be winking and accidental more than competitors too, and many Mix lenses, the Hot Shoe has various features. Designed to support a wider range of devices, I think you shouldn’t miss it anyway.

Briefly, after touching the Canon EOS R6 Mark 2 for a short time.

is called Canon EOS R6 Mark 2 It is another camera that meets the needs of both still and video shooting. Easy for beginners and professionals, along with features that extend from the original, adapting for you to use the camera comfortably. and they don’t have to pay extra for accessories


The official price is as follows.

  • Canon EOS R6 Mark 2 bare body 96,990 baht
  • with RF lens 24-105 mm 103,990 baht

And there are still gifts which are SD Card, bag and others, depending on the store. If anyone is interested, they can book the owner now or at the Photo Fair from November 23 to November 27 at BITEC Bangna. or Canon dealers nationwide

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