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[First-line interview]Many people died when Zhengzhou Dashui Metro was flooded | Zhengzhou Metro | Henan Heavy Rain | Hypoxia

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[Epoch Times, July 21, 2021](Interviews by Epoch Times reporters Yi Ru, Luo Ya, and Lin Cenxin) On July 20, many parts of northern Henan were devastated by heavy rains, and Zhengzhou City was even full of oceans. Flooding occurred in the tunnel from “Banyan Temple Station to Shakou Road Station” on Zhengzhou Metro Line 5. The train stopped running. Hundreds of passengers were trapped in the carriages. Water filled the carriages. The water level and chest caused many people to lose their temperature. Hypoxia, fainted, several corpses were parked on the platform.

According to Zhengzhou citizen Li Yun (pseudonym) told The Epoch Times, the Zhengzhou subway was flooded and many people were drowned. There were cars floating everywhere in the city, and many people were drowned. It is still unknown how many people have died.

Li Yun said, “It is very serious! Many places in the urban area have been cut off from water and electricity, water has entered the subway, and many people have been (drunk); cars in many communities have been washed away, and many people have been drowned. Zhengzhou How many people are dead now? I don’t know!”

The Propaganda Department of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a message on the official Weibo “Zhengzhou Release” at 3:50 on the 21st, confirming that at about 6 pm on the 20th, the rainwater for several days broke through the retaining wall and entered the line section. The tunnels of Sijie Station and Shakou Road Station were suspended. At least 12 people were killed in the subway flooding incident and 5 people were injured and sent to hospital. But outsiders questioned more than this number.

Zhengzhou disaster is very serious, subway panic

Li Yun said that the Zhengzhou Dashui video is real. “The subway in Zhengzhou urban area has flooded and people have been drowned. The people in one of my friends’ communities are all in that subway. The videos they made are now uploaded online.”

“They also filmed. The cars and electric vehicles in the community floated; there were people who drowned in the street; and people who were washed away by the water after being washed down by the water. Those videos, those are all real, All my friends, or people in my friend’s community (photographed), can be traced back to the photographer.”

Li Yun said that the flooding of Zhengzhou City this time is more serious than the disaster in the surrounding mountainous towns. “Many districts in Zhengzhou city have cars floating on them, and all underground bridges are flooded. Many bridges have collapsed, and railway bridges have also collapsed. .”

Some netizens asked for help saying that some large hospitals also experienced power outages. Flooding on the first floor of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and power outages caused the ICU ventilator to be unusable, making it difficult for respiratory patients to survive.

Li Yun also confirmed, “We have no water or electricity here, and my mobile phone will not have electricity for a while. Many shops on the first floor of Zhengzhou have been flooded, and many have been flooded. I have many friends who live in Zhengzhou. In the northern and southern districts, they said that there has been no water and electricity in their district.”

Sudden rainstorm, power outages, danger on the way off work

Mr. Zhang, a white-collar office worker in Zhengzhou, told The Epoch Times that when he got off work today, all the vehicles on the road were stopped. Almost 90% of the vehicles were soaked in the water. Meters deep, I came here by flowing water.”

He said that there was a sudden power outage in the office. “Like the 30th floor where I was working today, there was a sudden power outage and we just walked down. Now in the office building, many people have not returned home and stayed in the unit.”

Mr. Zhang also said that when he came back, when he saw people on the road, he was very cautious because there were many hole covers on the road, and some hole covers were washed away by water, and water was coming from inside, for fear of stepping on these unsafe places. , Many people lined up to cross the road, and everyone moved forward cautiously, as if crossing the river by feeling the stones.

People questioned about flood discharge when the water level of the reservoir exceeded the warning line

According to the state media CCTV, the water level of the Changzhuang Reservoir in Zhengzhou, Henan Province continued to rise above the warning line. At 10:57 on July 20, the water level of the Changzhuang Reservoir reached 127.87 meters (the warning line was 127.49 meters), starting at 3 cubic meters per second. flood discharge.

Mr. Zhang said that he is not sure whether the flooding is related to the flood discharge, but there is information on the Internet to remind you to be careful about the flood discharge. “There are notifications on WeChat. It is not true or false. What WeChat says is not to sleep at night to prevent flood discharge. of.”

However, Ms. Li, a citizen of Zhengzhou, believes that the water rise is related to the flood discharge. She told The Epoch Times that it suddenly started to rise this afternoon. The flood was temporarily notified, but the water was up at that time. I didn’t know about the flood before, because it was raining all the time. I didn’t expect it to be a flood, and then the water level rose. The news of the flood was released.

Citizens doubt that the government has not evacuated low-lying people ahead of time

The Central Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue an orange rainstorm warning at 18:00 on July 20. It is expected that from 20:00 on July 20 to 20:00 on July 21, there will be torrential rain to heavy rain in northern Henan, southern Hebei, southeast Shanxi and other places. Extremely heavy rain (250 ~ 270 mm).

Li Yun expressed concern that a few days ago, the local weather forecast reported that there would be heavy rainfall for several consecutive days. “Knowing that there will be rain, some citizens who live relatively low may be flooded. Why don’t you notify them in advance and let the low-lying People move to higher ground?”

He also questioned the government’s negligence, “What do these weather forecasts mean? Don’t the government people know? Now those low-lying villages are flooded, where the mobile phone has no electricity and no signal, they want to ask for help, how can they ask for help?”

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