First Look: Suzuki V-Strom 800DE – A Versatile On-Off Road Adventure Bike

After getting a sneak peek at the V-Strom 800DE during EICMA2022, MotoRival recently had the opportunity to test ride this highly anticipated adventure bike in Chonburi, Thailand. Suzuki Moto Sales Thailand extended the invitation, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to share our review with fellow enthusiasts.

The V-Strom 800DE draws inspiration from the DR-Z 800 Dakar racing design, much like its bigger sibling, the 1050 DE. One common question among potential buyers is whether Suzuki plans to continue selling the V-Strom 650 or replace it with the 800DE. Suzuki has clarified that both models will be available since the 650 is designed specifically for on-road use, while the 800DE caters to riders who want an on-off-road experience. As for the name “V-Strom,” Suzuki moved away from the V-Twin configuration due to its drawbacks, such as heat buildup and vibration. However, the V-Twin’s advantage of weight distribution toward the front has been retained in the 800DE, providing improved grip during off-road maneuvers.

The 800DE features a redesigned straight cylinder configuration, allowing for a narrower frame. The bike sports a vertically oriented 2-LED projector headlight similar to the GSX-8S. The LED tail light is clear and sharp. The windscreen can be adjusted in three steps, allowing riders to customize their riding experience. Suzuki offers a taller option for those in need of a higher windscreen. The 800DE is equipped with hand guards, radiator guards, lower crankcase plastics, and rear racks in its standard trim. The instrument cluster boasts a 5-inch TFT color screen with day and night modes.

In terms of performance, the 800DE boasts a 776cc two-cylinder engine that produces 83.1 horsepower and 78 Nm of torque. The engine has been upgraded from a V-Twin configuration to a two-stage DOHC setup, resulting in smoother operation and reduced vibrations. The bike comes with a standard slipper clutch and a quick shifter that allows for seamless gear changes. Riders can choose between three modes for throttle response: Active, Basic, and Comfort. Additionally, the 800DE features a four-mode traction control system and adjustable ABS settings for the rear wheel.

The suspension setup comprises a front USD shock with 43mm diameter and fully adjustable settings, offering 220mm of travel. The rear monoshock is equipped with a 40-click piggyback preload adjustment and adjustable rebound. The suspension provides excellent stability and control even on rough terrains. The bike’s ground clearance of 220mm surpasses that of its larger counterpart, the 1050 DE.

On the road, the V-Strom 800DE offers a comfortable riding position, particularly for riders with an average height. The handlebar is set at a moderate height, providing a relaxed riding experience on long journeys. The bike’s ergonomics contribute to good control, making it suitable for both relaxed and spirited riding. However, for more extreme off-road riding, the lower position may be less ideal. The knee grip on the tank is secure and comfortable, and the foot position is well-suited for long-distance rides. During the two-hour test ride, fatigue was minimal.

The engine’s power delivery is smooth and responsive, thanks to the two-cylinder configuration. The bike performed admirably in all throttle modes, with Mode A offering the most reactive response. The quick shifter and slipper clutch enhance the riding experience by allowing seamless shifts and preventing excessive rear-wheel braking. The suspension system was well-matched to the bike’s weight and performed excellently on various terrains, allowing the rider to navigate obstacles without issues. The V-Strom 800DE’s braking system, although not as robust as the GSX-8S naked bike, is sufficient for its intended purpose.

Overall, the V-Strom 800DE impresses with its upgraded engine, refined suspension, and versatile performance on both on and off-road environments. While some may find the price tag higher compared to its rivals, the bike’s extensive features and technology justify the cost. We encourage riders to try out the V-Strom 800DE themselves and experience its capabilities firsthand. As for us, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the chance to test ride the GSX-8S, as we admire its powerful yet balanced two-cylinder engine. The Suzuki V-Strom 800DE is priced at 479,000 baht, and interested buyers can contact Suzuki BigBike representatives nationwide. For more Suzuki news and updates, visit our website.

After MotoRival we took the world’s first preview of the V-Strom 800DE from EICMA2022, it was shown in Thailand at the 2023 Motor Show and is now ready for delivery to customers. This time we were invited by Suzuki Moto Sales Thailand.
Invited to join the test ride in Chonburi, the distance is not close, not too far, tests are on smooth and dusty roads, so I would like to review V-Strom 800DE for friends to watch.

The V-Strom 800DE can be considered inspired by the DR-Z 800 Dakar racing design, just like the 1050 DE.
Many people may have questions about whether to continue selling the V-Strom 650 or replace it. Suzuki says they are still selling together because the 650 is focused on OnRoad, while the 800DE focuses on both On-Off Road.

And why the name V, but the use of V-Twin has ended Because V-Twin has disadvantages, namely, hot rear pump and vibration, but it has the advantage of leaving the front. For the weight to lean down in front, there will be more grip during duty.
The 800DE has been revised and changed to a straight cylinder. It will help to make the frame. can be narrowed

The headlight set is a vertically arranged 2-LED projector like the GSX-8S (twin body in the Bare look).
Clear LED tail light

Windshield can be adjusted in 3 steps + – 15 mm (using 6 squares) if a high windshield is required they must be purchased as a +80 mm option.

This 800DE has given the car STD trim, including hand guards, radiator guards, lower crankcase plastics, rear racks.

5″ TFT color screen meter with Day (White Background), Night Mode (Black Background)
There is a USB port on the left side of the meter.

with electric accelerator It can adjust the mode in 3 formats A (Active), B (Basic), C (Comfort).
4 adjustable TC systems 1,2,3 and G (Gravel)
The ABS system can be adjusted 1-2 and Off only on the rear wheels.

A set of wire wheels wearing Dual Purpose tires, sizes 90/90-21 and 150/70-17, respectively, front rear with inner tubes because they focus on off-road riding, absorbing force better

Car dimensions V-Strom 800DE raid
Seat height 855 mm. (with the option to buy Low -20 and Hi +30 mm.)
body weight 230 kg.
A ground clearance of 220 mm is considered greater than 1050 DE.
20 liter fuel tank (Claimed can run 450 km.) Actual run should be 380-400 km.

sitting position
The seat height of 855 mm is considered high enough. It is similar to other adventure vehicles in the middle class that use spoked wheels. I am 175 cm tall.
So, the little people have to take a little heart. with this type of driving

long handlebar Lift moderately, not too high. Riding long distances without shoulder pain The overall rating is good. Giving good control, long distance riding, comfortable travel and conducive to moderate riding But if you stand to ride Enduro seriously, you still feel that the position may be a little too low.

Knee grip range, even without pads yet. But it is considered to fit the knee well. Tighten and clamp the tank comfortably.

The position of the foot is not set perpendicular to 90 degrees, but generally riding a long distance The distance we tested is about 2 hours, this is not considered to be much fatigue.

The engine, although named V, has already been changed to 2 tablets. The coordinates have been upgraded to 776cc.
It produces 83.1 hp of power and 78 Nm of torque.
Slipper Clutch and QS 2ways are fitted as STD.
For the highlight, this 800DE is a two-stage DOHC engine, which this class car has. The crankshaft is 270 degrees, the ignition is V-Twin-like, and there are also two balancers that help reduce vibration. engine runs smoothly

from vigorous riding I started in C mode and it was very easy to ride. I didn’t feel it was scary at all. It felt like a 500cc bike.
But after adjusting to Mode B, I felt it was much stronger, obviously starting to get excited.
And when I get used to the trigger, I adjust it to Mode A, giving a timely response.
Which is the point that impresses me. Well, I can confidently slam the throttle to the redline. Because the feeling of the engine rises smoothly, smoothly, without shaking, pulling, pushing until it makes us feel scary when riding at high revs.
It is strong in a way that allows for fun and control. not in an abyss So afraid I dared not strike

In addition, the supplied QS 2Ways system is very convenient for us. Open the accelerator and stuff the gear without any installment, while Shift Down Auto Blip will feel like doing Rev Matching cables after us. This point, along with the Slipper Clutch, makes the Engine’s brake force not drop much to the rear wheel. cause us to lose control

suspension Front USD shock, size 43 mm from SHOWA, fully adjustable, with 220 mm of travel, front and rear.
Rear monoshock with 40-click piggyback preload adjustment and adjustable rebound. which comes with strong pushback, Linkage

I must say that the suspension is something that fits very well. From the original setting, Suzuki said it was set to number 13 for people who weigh 75 kg, which I weigh in the range of 60 kg.
Overall, it is considered a very good fit, that is, it is not difficult at all. If you find a hole or a hill, you can sit and ride it, it looks very good.
along with the range of maneuvers considered great It can ride through obstacles without hitting and the ground clearance is greater than the 1050DE because it is at 220 mm.

On the flip side of the car, the control is good, no problem, even if the wheels are large wire spokes, up to 21 “front and 17” back, still giving energetic control. The grip of OffRoad tires is considered sufficient to go to a certain level. black and red

brake system 310mm dual disc front works with 2 pot pump Single rear 260mm disc works with 1 pot pump Comes with ABS.
which can be adjusted to 2 levels and can be closed at the back

which must be said The specs are inferior to the naked GSX-8S with radial pots 4, but compared to the Adventure class, if not a thousand. He usually pumps the brakes 2 pots in front of each other already.
Because this type of car is not focused on racing. make high speed Because it can go all the way, unlike the Naked Roadster, which can be ridden on the road more

with the general use, it is considered enough to some extent Because we ride together in OnRoad, OffRoad and do not do high speed. able to brake, lean and chase the weight well Without braking until I lost the rhythm But admit there is a time when I secretly try to beat Because the engine power is so satisfying, if you hit it, it you must allow a little braking distance from the brake specifications and body size, the body at the level of 230 kg.

Suzuki V-Strom 800DE brief review The storm is named V, but I have stopped dating V-Twin I have to say that it is better for me, not only with the increase cc and will be stronger.
but the response In terms of vibration, things are doing better, more impressive too. In addition, it relates to the overall control of the suspension system. It was very well done.

If you are looking for a car that can go OnRoad, OffRoad (not HardCore level like Enduro cars, but can go almost every way)
compared to the value Many people may think it looks expensive. compared to competitors But it must also be understood that the 800DE’s options are considered more than enough. The suspension system or the technology on the engine.

Let’s just say you don’t have to believe me at all. If you get a chance try it. As for me, I’m waiting for a chance to ride the GSX-8S, so I really like the style of this 2-cylinder engine, powerful, but not too much.

Suzuki V-Strom 800DE price is 4.79 hundred thousand baht.
Those interested can try contacting Suzuki BigBike representatives across the country.

Read more Suzuki news here.

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