First Trilateral US-Japan-Philippines Sea Patrol “Shoulder to Shoulder” Exercise to Secure Military Channel with No Maritime Security

The first “shoulder-to-shoulder” trilateral maritime exercise of the Philippine Coast Guard, US Coast Guard and Japan Coast Guard was announced on June 1 with a ceremony held at the Port of Manila. (Reuters)

[Asiantaeth Newyddion Ganolog]The situation in the South China Sea remains tense. The Philippine Coast Guard, the US Coast Guard and the Japan Coast Guard launched the first trilateral maritime exercise “Job to Shoulder” (KAAGAPAY) on Thursday to strengthen the joint joints. operations and maritime security protection.

The Philippines-US-Japan “shoulder to shoulder” trilateral maritime exercise will continue until June 7. On the 1st, the Philippine Coast Guard held a welcome ceremony at the Port of Manila to welcome the patrol boat USS Stratton and the Japanese large patrol boat Akitsushima which arrived in the Islands of the Philippines to participate in the exercise.

The US-Japan-Philippines sea patrol “shoulder to shoulder” joint exercise, the commanders of the three countries took a “shoulder to shoulder” group photo at the opening ceremony. (Reuters)

Brian Krautler, commander of the USS Stratton, said in an interview that the US, Japanese and Philippine crews in the next week will plan a joint mission, exchange subject matter experts and integrated search and rescue operations. ships, helicopters and drones Shipboard damage control operations and practices, thereby strengthening joint operations and mission and operational cooperation, so that US, Japanese and Philippine coast patrol personnel can have closer ties.

Crowler said the United States is eager to further integrate with the Philippine Coast Guard and Japan Coast Guard in the coming week and in the future, laying the groundwork for stronger joint action, capability and teamwork of the three coast patrol personnel. country

“Together, our Coast Guard will strengthen and establish international maritime rules and norms to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific,” he said.

Crowler said the USS Stratton was named after the first female commander of the US Coast Guard. Stratton (Dorothy C. Stratton).

He said, Dorothy. When Stratton enlisted in the army before World War II, he said he “couldn’t do it any other way.” Although the Stratton sailed from California to the Philippines, “when we consider the global importance of this region and the value of our long-term commitment to our allies and partners, we can only be here.”

Elmer Francisco Sarmiento, Undersecretary of the Philippine Department of Transportation, said in his speech that this exercise is an important milestone in the joint efforts of the three countries to strengthen joint operations, strengthen cooperation, and ensure maritime safety and territorial security.

“The trilateral exercise demonstrates our joint commitment to safeguarding peace, promoting stability, and safeguarding the livelihood and interests of our nation and the wider region,” he said.

Sarmiento said this exercise will strengthen the search and rescue and maritime law enforcement capabilities of Philippine-US-Japan coast patrol personnel, and deepen trilateral friendship and understanding. “Together, we can overcome any obstacles and create a safer and more secure environment for all.” The marine environment”.

The Philippine Coast Guard pointed out that the exercise will be held in the waters near a town (Mariveles) in Bataan, Central Luzon.

The town of Marivilles is located in the southern tip of Bataan Province, across the sea from the military fortress of Corregidor at the mouth of Manila Bay.

The Philippine Coast Guard said the Philippine side would send Mechula. Multipurpose patrol vessel Aquino (Melchora Aquino), Gabriela. The offshore patrol vessel Gabriela Silang, the Boracay patrol boat and a 44 meter multi-purpose patrol boat participated in the exercise.

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