Fish worth Rs 4 lakh were smuggled in; Tragically a greedy seal dies when it failed to catch after eating every fish in the lake

If the competitors are strong, the business venture will have to go to great lengths to avoid closure. But no matter how carefully the business was run, Nick North, a native of Essex, England, had to close the business because of guests who came to Orkappuram. Nick’s business was shut down not by humans but by a SEAL. A seal accidentally landed in Nick lake, where he ran a fish farming business, and caused no retail headaches.

The seal arrived at Mark Hall Fisheries last December. The seal was fascinated by the fish and did not bother to return. And the seals take every fish in sight without wasting a second. Seeing the lake as a new settlement, the seal settled there and the local people named it Nelson. Different species of fish such as carp and catfish were raised in Nik lake. When it was seen that the fish population was significantly reduced, efforts were made to capture and remove Nelson.

The effort to capture the seal was led by British Divers Marine Life Rescue. But whenever he tried to catch her with the net, Nelson deftly slipped away. As the catch progressed, the number of fish decreased and Nelson’s body weight continued to increase. In a short period of time, Nelson ate fish worth Rs 400,000. As the number of fish dwindled, things got to the point where Nick had no choice but to close the business.

The last attempt to capture the seal was made on January 27. It is not normally practical to use drug traps to capture species of seals. If they are sedated, their breathing system opens up more, making them more likely to drown. If the water in the lake is dark, it is also difficult to find the seal later. But with no other means of capturing Nelson, he finally decided to shoot himself.

Nelson drowned in the water after being drugged and tried to save his life. Although not an ideal situation for a drug bust, trying to capture the seal in such a way paved the way for much speculation. But Nick’s response was that the British Divers Marine Life Rescue is solely responsible for shooting the rain. Only the organization made the decision to fire and carry it out. Nic also said that his role was only to be there at the time as the license to fish in the reservoir was in his name.

Meanwhile, District Councilor Dave Sperring says that it has been known that the poaching was done with the good intention of capturing Nelson and releasing him into his natural habitat. She responded that despite making all kinds of arrangements, it is sad that the opposite is happening.

English Summary; Tragically, a greedy seal dies when it fails to catch after eating every fish in the lake

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