Five LAZiCON trainees ‘infected with coronavirus’ postpone the judging round

Issue an urgent statement. For the case of 5 LAZiCON trainees who were “infected with COVID”, the judging round had to be postponed. The content of the statement states that

“Announcement to postpone the final competition of LAZ iCON

LAZ iCON program would like to inform you that “Mr. Kantaphon Jindathaveephon (Off-road), Mr. Kandis Wannaarun (Mai-ek), Mr. Jeerapat Pimanprom (Pen Tor), Mr. Pittaya Saechua ( Tah) and Mr. Polch Chinwangso (Frank)” trainees of LAZ iCON were tested for COVID-19 in accordance with the highest preventive measure for the show by undergoing Antigen Test prior to filming. And the preliminary test results found Covid 19 on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 and have been tested again at hospital with RT-PCR again on the same day. The test results confirmed that the covid 19 was found. At this time, all 5 trainees have traveled to the hospital. to receive treatment according to the correct measures already

The program has notified those who are related to it. (Those who were close to the 5 trainees in the past as well as all contestants) and let everyone do the testing Quarantine for maximum safety in accordance with filming measures. In this situation competition in the finals It will be postponed until all infected trainees are treated until they recover. and can be filmed correctly according to the filming measures under the disease prevention measures according to the Emergency Decree. LAZ :CON program on Saturday, January 11, 2021 at 20:15 will be broadcast as well. A special tape from the program, which fans can watch on Channel One 31 and LazL ive on the Lazada app from 8:15 p.m.

The program would like to thank all the support from all the fans and would like to send encouragement to the trainees to get well soon. If the situation has any progress including an announcement about the finals The program will inform you again via the main channel : Twitter, LAZ iCON only.”



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