Fix Windows 11 stuttering problem 22H2 NVIDIA launches GeForce Experience 3.26 BETA

Last week, NVIDIA released RTX 40 series graphics cards, and on the same day, Microsoft officially released a major update to Windows 11 22H2. Sure enough, big Windows updates usually cause problems, and this time one of the main culprits is NVIDIA: Gamers found that they would stutter when playing games with NVIDIA graphics cards NVIDIA announced that it will be patched via the newly launched GeForce Experience 3.26 BETA Upgrade to user install 22H2.

Download GeForce Experience 3.26 BETA: click here

Some NVIDIA graphics card players left a message in the Microsoft discussion forum, saying that after upgrading to 22H2, the CPU usage dropped significantly by 5-80%, which is very unstable and unplayable. It will be normal to revert to the previous version.

NVIDIA took advantage of the launch of GeForce Experience 3.26 BETA on Saturday, calling on Twitter for users to update their Windows 11 22H2 installations to fix performance issues.

Support RTX 40 8K 60fps video recording

In fact, another big feature of GeForce Experience 3.26 this time is that it supports ShadowPlay 8K 60fps HDR recording on the newly released RTX 40 series graphics cards. After installing this version, you can start recording 8K game images by pressing Alt + F9. However, since the RTX 40 graphics card and the driver supporting the new card have not been released, all we can do is wait.

In addition, GeForce Experience 3.26 provides optimized support for 51 new games and fixes several bugs.


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