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Fixed Windows 11 performance degradation on AMD Ryzen processor-Microsoft

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One of the known issues in Windows 11 is poor performance on some PCs with AMD Ryzen processors. On October 21, Microsoft released a cumulative update, KB5006746 Preview, that addresses this issue. AMD has also released a patch that fixes another issue with the AMD Ryzen processor in Windows 11. Windows 11 users using AMD Ryzen processors may improve performance by applying these hotfixes.

Some users of PCs with AMD Ryzen processors have reported issues with poor performance of some applications after updating to Windows 11. Microsoft has identified the cause of this problem as a decrease in latency for the L3 cache and has announced that it will be fixed in October 2021. Applying the KB5006746 preview will eliminate this L3 cache latency issue.

On the other hand, the problem AMD has addressed is that UEFICPPC2 (priority core) may not preferentially schedule threads on the fastest core of the processor. You can work around this issue by updating the AMD chipset driver package to version See the next page for details.

The KB5006746 preview released by Microsoft includes many other non-security related issues and improvements.For example, for some users[スタート]Applying this update addresses issues such as menus not working, some PCs using non-ASCII text in the registry getting 0x38 errors, and PowerShell creating a large number of subdirectories. It will be fixed with. A complete list of fixes can be found on the following support page.

KB5006746 Preview can be installed as an optional update from Windows Update. You can also download the standalone package from the Microsoft Update Catalog and apply it manually.

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