“Flag” above the royal coffin Why is Queen Elizabeth not the Union Jack flag?

since the move Tomb of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom From Balmoral Palace in northern Scotland, take a convoy to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. It is a distance of over 175 miles on September 11, 2022.

Then, “The Royal Thai Army” honored by inviting the royal coffin. Boarded an Air Force plane from “Edinburgh” to Buckingham Palace in London on 14 September.

The next day, September 15, the “Coffin of Queen Elizabeth II” was invited with a royal carriage. Leaving Buckingham Palace to be incorporated into Westminster Hall The Great Hall is the oldest of the British Parliament buildings. or originally it was Westminster Palace Giving people the opportunity to pay their respects between 15-18 September 2022 before the state funeral ceremony at Westminster Cathedral. Monday, September 19, 2022

above the coffin”Queen Elizabeth” A large flag has been spread over her. but not the Union Jack flag or the flag of the United Kingdom with a blue flag Crossed with a right-angled cross with a red diagonal cross with a white border. as people all over the world are familiar with it

What is this flag?

Prince Andrew Duke of York, Prince Edward Earl of Wessex, Princess Anne Queen Elizabeth awaits Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in a coffin draped with the “Royal Standard flag” at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

The flag on the sarcophagus Queen Elizabeth II

piece banner a large size that develops above the casket is called “Queen Elizabeth II”. Banner of the Royal Standard It is a flag that represents the monarch or the supreme authority of England. including showing the United Kingdom

Banner of the Royal Standard Made for the first time after a historic event. reuniting the throne (Union of the Crowns) is an event that happened on 24 March, 1603, when King James VI of Scotland ascended to the throne of England and Ireland and united the government of the three kingdoms under one king

The appearance on the flag of the Royal Standard has been modified somewhat over the last 400 years. Currently, the Royal Standard flag consists of four areas using red, yellow and blue.

Banner of the Royal Standard

Meaning of the Royal Standard flag

he said that Banner of the Royal Standard It is a flag that represents the monarch or the supreme authority of England. The specific meaning is that the flag of the Royal Standard is not an individual flag. but is the flag representing the “British Monarchy” a “United Kingdom”

The composition of the current Royal Standard flag consists of four fields, each with symbols and meanings as follows:

  • The upper left and lower right areas are shown in Fig. 3 yellow lions On the red ground, he pretended to walk and raised his front paws. British territory representative
  • The upper right area in Fig. red lion on the yellow background Standing still on his hind legs Representative of Scotland
  • lower left area like a musical instrument yellow harp (harp) on blue background Representative of Ireland

The Royal Standard flying over Buckingham Palace

The Royal Standard flag will only be raised above the palace while the King of Britain is present, if the Union Jack flag is raised above. Buckingham Palace Instead of the Royal Standard flag, it meant that the British monarch was not there.

In the official visit in a royal car The monk boat in Nang Royal aircraft and flags of the Royal Standard will also be invited.

When the British monarch attends Parliament, the Royal Standard flag is raised above the Victoria Tower, which is located in the park next to the Parliament Buildings.

The Royal Standard flag above the royal coffin on the cannon carriage

Invite the casket Enter Westminster Hall

Even the death of the King or Queen of England including the royal family The flag of the Royal Standard will never be lowered to half mast. (But the Union Jack flag will be lowered to half mast instead) because the Royal Standard flag represents the “British Monarchy” The death of the King is true, but the “British Monarchy” lives on.

the meaning is The flag of the Royal Standard will never be lowered to half mast. As long as the British monarchy lasts And the British throne did not spare the king for a day.

as soon as Queen Elizabeth II His Royal Highness Prince Charles died on 8 September 2022. The Crown Prince who holds the title “Prince of Wales” has long since inherited the throne as King Charles III (King Charles III) of the United Kingdom automatically by declaration of an “Admission Council” without any previous formality

The coronation ceremony officially confirmed the role of the new queen. King Charles III has been made available immediately on September 9, 2022.

The coffin of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II under the flag of the Royal Standard is in state at Westminster Hall from September 15-18, 2022, before the state funeral procession at Westminster Cathedral on Monday, September 19, 2022


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